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Galas & Awards event guide
Galas & Awards event guide
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Running a fundraising dinner, Gala, or Awards night? We have you covered. See below for some incredible tools designed to streamline your processes and save you time so you can focus on what you do best ;)

⭐ Looking for where to get started? Check out our guide on setting up your draft event.

📝 Collect required data from attendees

Company name, dietary requirements, accessibility requirements … there can be a lot you need!

Customize your checkout form using checkout questions to capture everything you need upfront.

💡 Tip: Asking a lot from your attendees?

Toggle your questions to not required so that impatient attendees aren’t put off from registering.

You can also set questions to be asked after checkout via the settings ⚙️ icon on each question.

Send out an 📧 email campaign before the event date and include the @editOrderLink macro to direct attendees to update the missing details of their order.

📦 Offer packages (Tables of 10 & VIP)

Easily offer discounted bundles or whole-table bookings by creating packaged tickets.
Packaged tickets can help manage your event capacity and ensure you are capturing everyone’s details on an order.

🪑 Does your event have assigned seating?

…Which table are we on?

Deliver a premium ticketing experience by allowing attendees to pick their own seats or take control of your event by assigning seats manually. Seating information is displayed on the attendees digital ticket and is viewable on the Humanitix scanning app. Tables, halls, theatres… all layouts can be replicated in our map builder

✅ There are 3 main steps to setting up your seating map:

1. Create your seating layout using our powerful map builder

2. Map your ticket types to your seats

3. Choose whether attendees will pick their own seats or not

💻 Sell tickets on your own website

Create a seamless registration experience and sell tickets right from your website with our embedded widgets.

🤵 Manage your VIPs

Treat your VIP's as they deserve from registration through to the front door using our VIP management tools.

  • Create complimentary tickets

  • Give access to exclusive discounted for free tickets

  • Prompt your ticket scanners on the night with important information

💅 Style the event your way

You’ve put so much work into everything else, so why not your event page?

Use our custom event styling features to reflect your brand and stand out from the crowd.

📱 Use the Humanitix scanning app to streamline your entry on the night

The Humanitix scanning app is free and easy to use.

Download the app onto your mobile or tablet device and digitally check-in your attendees to keep the line moving and your attendee's spirits high!

Check out our guide on downloading and using the Humanitix scanning app HERE

See some tips on managing entry on the night HERE

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