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Event Guide: Workshops and event series
Event Guide: Workshops and event series

Tips on how to easily run and manage recurring events

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Running a workshop or event series? Read on to see how to create, manage and share your events easily, while watching your community grow!

πŸ“† Setup dates to suit your event style

Recurring event, or single occurrence event? Select the best event type for your setup.

Option A: Set up a recurring event πŸ”

This setup suits workshops or events that repeat over multiple dates and times.
For each occurrence, the event content is exactly the same

e.g. Yoga class running every Sunday at 8pm

  1. Under the date and time heading on your event

  2. Click recurring date

  3. Use the date picker to + add your individual dates and/or select the frequency a session may repeat

  4. Create a generic general admission ticket type(s) that will apply to all dates

    ​>> See a full guide on how to set up a recurring event

Option B: Set up a single event with multiple sessions πŸ”’

This setup suits event series where the details may differ for each occurrence or you'd like to offer attendees the opportunity to buy more than one session at a time in a single order.

e.g A week-long garden show, with cheaper tickets on Thursday

e.g A 5 days drama workshop (with a discount for attending 3 or more sessions)

  1. Under the date and time heading on your event

  2. Click single date

  3. Set a long-running date spanning the first and last session

    1. e.g. 1st July 9am - 5th July 11am

  4. Create separate ticket types for each workshop/session

    1. e.g. β€œYoga basics - Monday 1st 9am”, β€œYoga essentials - Tuesday 2nd 10am”

  5. Use a time & date override to set each ticket type up with the correct info for each session.
    ​>> See a full guide on how to set up a single event with multiple sessions/dates

Still not sure how to set up your event occurrences? Check out this guide to help you select the event setup that's right for you

πŸ“¦ Offer packages and bundle deals

Entice your attendees with a flexible offering of deals that will help drive ticket sales

Check out our guide on packaged tickets to:

Create multi-session discounts and series passes or offer group booking discounts to get more through the door.

πŸ“§ Contact your buyers & attendees

​Keep in touch, keep them informed and keep them engaged!

Use our simple email campaigns tool to craft elegant reminder emails, event information updates, or send out post-event surveys.


Connect your Mailchimp account to create beautiful emails with your branding and stay in touch with your previous buyers

πŸ’» Sell tickets on your own website

Sharing or advertising your event on your own website?

Embedded widgets mean you can sell tickets or register attendees without them leaving your website. Check out how to use embedded widgets.

πŸ”— Share & automate using our integration features

​Hook up some of your favourite tools to your Humanitix events, and let them do the work for you.

Facebook: Connect your Facebook account and create events from Humanitix in a flash

Mailchimp: Automatically sync your Humanitix attendee data into your audience lists. Craft and send beautiful emails to your growing community. Check it out
​Using a different software tool? ​

Zapier: Set up connections between Humanitix and 1000’s of apps using our Zapier integration tool and decide what data you want to automatically pass over. Read more here

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