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Checklist before publishing
Checklist before publishing

Nervous before publishing? Check this list to ensure your setup is correct and you are ready to go.

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✅ Think you might need to make changes later on? Don’t worry!

Changes to your event can still be made after your event is published.

Preview your event

  • Preview is your best friend - Click the preview button in the top right-hand corner

  • Check out your event page before you go live. This is the same view attendees will see when registering for your event.

Make a test transaction

  • Go through the customer journey to ensure your set-up is correct and that you understand what an attendee will receive.

  • Process a manual order or create a 100% discount code, to generate a free ticket in your name, and send a confirmation email to your email address.

  • This ticket can then be cancelled and restocked

  • Looking to provide important information upfront? Add custom messages to the confirmation page, confirmation email or even ticket

Review your ticket capacities

Avoid overselling - and underselling - your event!

  • Head to the tickets > ticket types page

  • Ticket capacity: The total number of tickets available for this option

  • Total event capacity: The total number of tickets that can be sold across all ticket options.

Note: Your ticket types, ticket capacities, and total event capacity apply to each event date

Set your payment gateways

⚠️ By default, all ticket sales are collected through the Humanitix payment gateway.

Ticket sales are paid out to your nominated account within 5 business days after the event completion date.

  • Check your payment gateway via payments and fees > gateways page on the left-hand menu bar

  • Looking for flexible access to your ticket sales? Connect your event to Stripe

  • Need to allow the option to pay via invoice? Set up invoicing

  • (For AUD organisers only) offer easy payment plans by enabling ZipPay

Collect all the data you need

  • Customise the checkout form by using checkout questions to ensure you are asking for the right data

Set up your event notifications

  • Make sure you and your team are receiving attendee enquiries, sales notifications and payout confirmations

  • Manage your notifications via advanced > notifications on the left-hand side menu bar

Set a refund policy

  • Make your refund policy clear and upfront so your attendees are informed before they register

  • Set your policy via the event information > details page under the refund policy heading.

Review your event for any typos or mistakes

  • Typos are unprofessional and off-putting, and incorrect event information can be confusing for your attendees. Review your:

    • event description

    • ticket types

    • custom messages on your confirmation email, confirmation page, or ticket

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