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Choose who pays the fees for your event
Choose who pays the fees for your event

Make your event more accessible, or take home more of your ticket sales; with Humanitix the choice is flexible.

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Humanitix booking fees can be charged in 4 ways:

  • Passed on (default)

  • Absorbed

  • Split

  • Tipped

Humanitix only charges a booking fee on PAID tickets. Free events are free - woo!
There are no additional sign-up, feature-specific, or ongoing subscription fees.

โš ๏ธ By default, events pass on fees to attendees. Standard fees exclude taxes on the booking fee.

โŒ The following fees are not customisable:

  • Amex fee is always passed on to the ticket buyer

  • Afterpay fees and Zip fees are always absorbed and are dedicated from your ticket sales (not available in all currencies)

  • Paypal fees are always passed on to the ticket buyer (not available in all currencies)

Pass on fees

When passing on fees ticket buyers will be charged the face value of the ticket + the booking fee

You receive the full face value of the ticket price

๐Ÿ“Using our standard AUD pricing (4% + 99c excluding booking fee taxes) as an example, for a $100 ticket, ticket buyers are charged $104.99 in total (incl. $4.99 fees). Your earnings will be $100

Absorb fees

If you choose to absorb the fee, ticket buyers are charged the face value of the ticket

Booking fees will be deducted from your ticket revenue prior to being paid out

๐Ÿ“ Using the same example with a $100 ticket price, a ticket buyer pays $100.

Your earnings will be $95.01

Change your events fee structure

Amend the fees for a single event

  1. Select your event via the events tab

  2. Head to payments and fees > settings

  3. Choose your fee structure

Set your default fee structure

Automatically apply your fee structure to all of your events

  1. Select account > my account from the top menu bar

  2. Click default payment settings

  3. Choose your fee structure and click save

  4. When prompted, click apply to all to apply this fee structure to all existing events

If you are running events across multiple currencies, you will need to apply these settings for each currency using the currency selector in the top right

More fee options

  • Share the costs with your attendees with split fees

  • Let your customers decide if they want to cover the fees for you with tip fees

  • Set fee structures per ticket type for your event. Click per ticket type move the tickets into the appropriate column
    ๐Ÿ’ก We often recommend absorbing fees on donations

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