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Sell tickets on the day with the Humanitix box office app
Sell tickets on the day with the Humanitix box office app

No terminal required! Sell tickets and take card payments directly through your device using the Humanitix app

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Turn your mobile phone into a payment terminal and accept ‘tap-to-pay’ or manual card payments as well as cash sales, all through the Humanitix for Hosts app - no extra hardware required!

✅ Download the Humanitix for Hosts app >> iPhone | Android

Learn more about how to use the app in this guide.

Your device will require an internet connection to take box office sales

⚠️ Tap to Pay on IPhones requires the phone to have a Pass Code Enabled in addition to Location Services Enabled.

🎫 Make a box office sale

1. Log in and find your event

  1. Open the Humanitix for Hosts app and login

  2. Select the event and the event date (if your event has multiple dates)

  3. Tap the sell tab on the bottom menu bar and select continue

Available payment options for your device will be displayed on this screen

2. Add items to the cart

  1. Tap the ticket type(s) you want to add to the order.

  • Tap each ticket to increase it’s quantity OR

  • Tap the quantity and/or press and hold to enter a quantity manually

2. Select review cart

3. Complete the order

Review the order summary and confirm the total with the buyer - best practice!

A. Tap confirm to take payment ⚡

B. Tap add buyer information if you need to:

  • Collect buyer details such as full name and email address. Placeholder information will be entered if this is not collected

  • Email a receipt to the buyer

Image showing checkout flow after clicking "Confirm"

When buyer information is not captured, placeholder details are provided. For example:

4. Select payment method

Confirm the amount with the buyer before you ask for payment

  • Tap to Pay

    • Hold the customer's bank card behind the device where the blue 'Tap-to-pay' icon indicates

    • Make sure the card is flat against the device

    • Wait for the 'green' confirmation screen

  • Manual credit card entry

    • Manually enter the customers' details OR

    • Tap scan card and hold the card behind the device

    • Fill in the remaining CVV and Expiry date details

  • Cash

    • Enter the amount of cash tendered and return any required change

🆓 Issue complimentary/discounted tickets at the door

Sell exclusively priced tickets or generate complimentary tickets to help manage your VIP, “On the day”, and Friends and Family audiences with ease. These can be offered as additional ticket types that are marked as hidden.

  1. Manage your event via the Humanitix console (not the app)

  2. Add a ticket type with discounted or complimentary pricing

  3. Click the Settings icon next to the ticket type

  4. Toggle on Hidden

  5. Click Save

Ticket types cannot be created or edited in the Humanitix app. Please log into Humanitix your browser.

🌎Tap to Pay: regional availability & device requirements

iPhone (iPads not supported)


🇺🇸 USA

✅ iPhone XS or newer

✅ Running iOS 16.4 or higher

⛔ Older than iPhone X

⛔ Running iOS 16.3 or lower

✅ All NFC-enabled devices

🇦🇺 AUS

✅ iPhone XS or newer

✅ Running iOS 16.4 or higher

⛔ Older than iPhone X

⛔ Running iOS 16.3 or lower

✅ All NFC-enabled devices

🇳🇿 NZ

🗓️ Coming in 2024

✅ All NFC-enabled devices

🌎 Other regions

🗓️ Coming in 2024

🗓️ Coming in 2024

A fleet of standalone mobile Verifone Carbon Mobile 5 - POS terminals is available on request in Australia. See separate set-up guide

↩️Refund box office sales

  • Refunds cannot be actioned via the Humanitix app

  • For card sales and cash sales, you must refund from the desktop. Log in here.

🛠️ Troubleshooting

I am receiving an error: "An Error has occurred. Please try again. Location services must be enabled to use terminal"

Your device needs to have location services enabled. Navigate to your device's settings to enable it.

My device is not reading someone's card, and/or I am getting card-reading errors

If the device is having trouble taking payment from a card:

  • Ensure you are holding the card behind the device where the blue "Tap-to-pay" icon indicates. This is the location where the device's NFC chip will read the card, and may differ in location between devices and phone manufacturers

  • Hold the card flat against the device for at least 2-3 seconds

  • Remove any overly bulky protective cases from the device that might interfere with reading the card

  • The customer's card may have a malfunctioning chip preventing a tap-to-pay purchase. Ask them for an additional card

🔄️Coming soon

The following are not available yet in the current box office version but will be coming soon:

  • Add-ons

  • Refund in person when the card is present

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