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Check-in your guests with the Humanitix scanning app
Check-in your guests with the Humanitix scanning app
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The Humanitix for Hosts app is free to download and is designed to help you easily manage your event entry or track event sales while on the run. Check-in guests by scanning their QR code or manually search for their names.
>> See our tips on managing your event entry

πŸ“± Checkout out our mobile-friendly guide here: Humanitix Scanning App Guide
Great for use on the day and for sharing with your staff and volunteers

πŸ“₯ Download the Humanitix for Hosts app

  1. Download the Humanitix for hosts app via the iOS Apple store (iphone) or the Google play store (Android)

  2. Log into your Humanitix account using your email and password

Note: You will need to grant camera permissions to the app to allow scanning

Bring additional power packs/chargers on the day If you have volunteers using their own devices to help you scan, make sure they do the same.

πŸ•΅οΈ Navigate the Humanitix app


  1. Select the event you would like to scan tickets for / check sales

  2. If your event has multiple dates, select the appropriate date

  • Track live check-in and sales figures
    ​As long you are connected to the internet your check-in and sales figures will update live as they roll in!

    (These figures will update once you reconnect to a data/wifi source).

  • Click the device tab to see how many tickets this particular device has scanned.

  • Use the filter 🎚️ icon to filter the tracker view by only certain ticket types.

  • Use the home 🏠 icon in the top left will take you back to your events list.

Navigation bar

Use the bottom menu bar to quickly switch between your event dashboard and scanning tickets


Overview: View check-in counts and sales information

Sell: Take tap-to-pay and cash sales on the door

Scan: Use the camera to scan QR codes

Attendees: Manually search a list of all ticket holders

Settings: Share event access to volunteers or log out

🀳 Scan the QR code on tickets

  1. Click the scan icon on the bottom menu bar

  2. Hold the camera over the QR code that appears on the attendees ticket

  3. One of 3 messages below will appear once a ticket QR code has been scanned

  4. Click view order on the prompt to see the buyer and ticket holder details of this order.


This ticket has been successfully checked-in

Already checked-in

This ticket has already been scanned

Ticket not valid

This ticket has been cancelled or is not valid for this event / event date

πŸ’‘Trouble scanning a ticket? Get the attendee to increase the brightness on their device. Ambient light may also affect a ticket being scanned, try shielding the ticket from any sun/overhead lights.

πŸ”Ž Manually search and check-in attendees

Click the attendees tab on the bottom menu bar

There are two views:

a. Attendees

A list of all ticket holders

Select the checkbox to the right to check-in

b. Orders

A list of all orders

Click to view the order details and a list of tickets inside each order which can be checked-in.

Using the search bar enter the attendee name or buyer name / Order ID



πŸ’Έ Sell tickets at the box office/on the day

  1. Select the sell tab on the bottom menu bar

  2. Tap to add tickets to an order

  3. Select review cart

  4. Tap confirm or add buyer information to fill in the buyer details

  5. Select the payment method

>> See the full guide on taking ticket sales on the day

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Set up volunteers and staff to help scan on the day

You can share access to your event with your volunteers and staff on the day so that they can help scan using their own devices. This access is limited to using the Humanitix scanning app to help check-in attendees, they will not be able to make changes to the event nor view any sensitive financial information.

On your device:

  1. Select the event you would like to share access to.

  2. Click the settings tab on the bottom menu bar > give event access

  3. Present the QR code that appears

​On your volunteers/staff's device:

  1. Download the Humanitix for hosts app on their device

  2. Click get scan permissions

  3. Use the camera to scan the event access QR code

🀝 Share app access to your team ahead of the event

You can also share scanning app permissions to your team before the day

  1. Log into Humanitix on your desktop/laptop

  2. Head to account > permissions

  3. Click add member and enter the email address of your volunteer/staff

  4. Select event specific access and select the event(s) > app access

πŸ’‘ Tip:
​Have a lot of volunteers helping out on the day?
Create a generic login that can be shared to all volunteers without needing them to sign up themselves, without giving them full access to the event.
1. Sign up with a new account on humanitix e.g. [email protected] (note, this has to be real email address as we need to send a verification email) + a generic password

2. Log in to your usual account

3. Head to account > permissions and share app access only to the scanning@ account you just created.

4. On the day tell your volunteers to download the Humanitix app and login using the generic account you created.

They’ll only be able to access the event on the app and won’t be able to make changes to the event or see sensitive financial data - easy!

πŸ“΄ Scan your tickets while offline

While we do recommend having a reliable internet connection at your event location, we understand that this might not always be possible. No stress, the app is designed to also function while offline.

Your ticket scans and check-ins will be stored locally on your device and updated once you reconnect to your wifi or data source.

Prep your scanner(s): Before heading out of your data/wifi range, open up the Humanitix app and select your event. This will download the attendee data for this event to your device. Use the app as per normal. This will need to be done for all scanning devices that will be used on the day.

If you are using multiple scanning devices offline tickets may be scanned more than once as these devices cannot communicate with each other. Consider limiting entry points/scanning points where possible

πŸ’¬ Create scanning messages for VIPs and specific ticket holders (optional)

Scanning messages can prompt your volunteers / staff with custom information; include instructions for VIPs or help direct certain ticket type holders to the right location! Easy.

These messages appear when a certain ticket or ticket type has been checked-in on the app.

  1. Select your event via the events tab while logged into your desktop/browser

  2. Click manage attendees > scanning messages > create message

    1. Give your message a heading

    2. Select the date(s) this message applies to;

    3. Select the ticket types or orders this will message will apply to and appear when scanned.

    4. Put the relevant message in the message area.

  3. The message will now appear after the ticket has been scanned on the app. This message must be closed before scanning the next ticket

Scanning message appearing for a ticket after being scanned on the app

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