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Enable Humanitix resale for your event
Enable Humanitix resale for your event

The most secure way to let buyers resell their tickets or action name changes through Humanitix

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Boost your ticket sales by giving ticket buyers peace of mind that they can pass on their ticket through a secure and easy-to-use resale and name change facility avoiding third-party sites and potential fraud. Additionally, you can reduce your admin while protecting your ticket sales!

Easy-to-use: Once enabled, buyers can self-manage their resale and sell their tickets to friends or the general public via the manage order link found on their order confirmation emails.

​Secure and fair: Buyers can only list their tickets at the original sale price and are refunded once a resale occurs ensuring a fair and secure marketplace for all.

How do I enable ticket resale for my event?

To enable ticket resales for your event:

  1. Manage your event via the events tab

  2. Navigate to manage attendees > resale

  3. Toggle on enable ticket resale

  4. optional: Apply resale to only select tickets using the custom option

  5. optional: Set a delayed start time or end time for resale

If resale is not an available option for you please contact the Humanitix team via the messenger bubble in the bottom right while logged into Humanitix

You can enable resale at any time even after ticket sales have commenced.

Enabling resale with a delayed start time will communicate to ticket holders that resale is available but not until 'x' date

Manual Orders cannot be resold. Only tickets purchased through the event page can be listed for resale.

How can a buyer resell their ticket?

Ticket holders can list their tickets for resale via the manage order button found on their confirmation email.

Image showing the Manage Order button on a confirmation email

Resale will appear as an additional tab

Resale tab found within the Manage Order page of an order

Sellers can select sell tickets and select all tickets they would like to resell. Sellers can choose to list their tickets:

  1. Privately - accessible only via a unique link

  2. Privately and Publicly - accessible via a unique link AND on the public resale page

Sellers can choose to toggle list resale publicly

Private resale

If a seller chooses to resell their ticket privately to another person they can toggle OFF list resale publicly. They will need to select copy link and share this with their buyer directly.
This ticket can only be purchased through the unique link.

Public resale

If a seller chooses to resell their ticket publicly they will still have access to the unique link but their ticket will also be available on a standalone public resale event page which will be created for the event. All available resale tickets will appear here automatically.

Any new buyer will be able to purchase a ticket listed for resale

The availability of resale tickets will be advertised on the ticketing page of the event

How does resale on Humanitix work?

Humanitix's resale is incredibly secure and ensures only legitimate buyers can resell tickets. Here's how the resale system works:

  1. Original ticket holder purchases their ticket on Humanitix

  2. They list their ticket for resale via a unique link or public resale page

  3. When a ticket is resold to a new buyer the original order is refunded and the ticket is cancelled

  4. A new order and ticket is created for the buyer

Sellers can only list a ticket at 100% of the face value of the ticket

Commonly asked questions

How I can I tell if a ticket has been resold?

You can view where a ticket was resold "from" or "to" by looking at the order view

  1. Navigate to reports > orders

  2. Search for an order by Order ID, name or email address

  3. Click on their Order ID

  4. Refer to resold from or resold to column that now appears

Can a resale be cancelled or undone?

No. Once a resale has been actioned the original ticket is cancelled and refunded. This is immediate and cannot be undone.

Can Humanitix resale be used for Name Changes?

Yes! Humanitix resale is a really easy and secure way for ticket holders to issue a name change to their friends through a private resale.

Ticket holders should list their tickets for private resale and send the unique link to their friends to purchase their ticket(s).
The seller is refunded within 2-5 business days and the new buyer is issued a new ticket under their details.

By encouraging buyers to use a resale facility to pass on tickets you can mitigate any issues around ticket ownership or should any refunds need to be issued, then these are issued to the new ticket holder, not the original buyer.

Can a seller list multiple tickets for resale?

Yes. A seller can list multiple tickets, however, each ticket must be purchased individually.

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