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Connect Stripe to receive flexible payments
Connect Stripe to receive flexible payments

Switch to Stripe in minutes to get early access to ticket sales

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All events, by default, are transacted on the Humanitix Payment Gateway (AUD, NZD, USD). Connecting a Stripe account will replace the Humanitix Payment Gateway.

Stripe is a global leader in payment processing, allowing event hosts of all sizes to accept ticket sales straight into their Stripe account or bank account. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and allows you to access ticketing revenue before your event to help with event cash flow and expenditure.

Stripe is a third-party payment gateway and charges their own fees.

Stripes' fees are deducted from your net sales before Stripe settles payment with you.

Learn more about their pricing:

Don’t have a Stripe account? Create a free account in minutes here

Connect Stripe to your event

  1. Open your event via the events tab

  2. Head to payments and fees > gateways

  3. Click connect stripe

  4. Follow the prompts to log into your Stripe account

Set Stripe as your default payment gateway

  1. Head to account > my account on the top menu bar

  2. Click default gateways

  3. Follow the prompts to log into your Stripe account

    All future events you create will have Stripe set as the payment gateway

    Click apply to all in the bottom right of the page to apply Stripe to all your existing events.

⚠️ Ticket sales made for an event prior to connecting Stripe will not be transferred into your Stripe account as these are managed by the default Humanitix payment gateway. See how we handle payouts here

Change your Stripe payout frequency

Humanitix does not control the payout frequency of ticket sales that were transacted via Stripe. This can vary based on the currency and location and if Stripe has any reason to delay payouts. You can however change the payout frequency where available via your Stripe Dashboard >> See Stripe's guide on how to receive payouts

Got any further questions? Check out our FAQs on Stripe here or get in touch with our friendly team

❓ Commonly asked questions on Stripe

I have connected my Stripe account after selling tickets via the Humanitix payment gateway. Can those funds be transferred into my Stripe account?

No. Funds cannot be moved one gateway to another. Funds transacted via the Humanitix payment gateway will be paid out separately to those transacted via Stripe. See how we handle payouts here

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