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When will my event be paid out?
When will my event be paid out?
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When using the default Humanitix payment gateway event sales will be paid out to your nominated bank account within 5 business days after your event has ended. You will receive a payout for events with multiple dates after each date ends.

This is to ensure funds are still available within the event for any applicable refunds or in the event of an event cancellation.

❓ I haven't received my funds after 5 business days…

If you haven't received your event payout within 5 business days of your event ending, please check you have correctly entered your bank account details. To do this:

  1. Go to account > my Account

  2. From the left menu, select my account >> bank accounts

  3. To update your banking details:

    1. Click edit ✏️to make changes

    2. Click save when you’re done

There may be a couple of reasons your event has not been paid out. Read our guide here to help finalise your payout.

📅 I need more time. Can I delay my payouts?

Yes! You can set up a payout delay for an event or all your events.

Delay payout for a single event

  1. Manage your event via the events tab

  2. Head over to payment and fees > settings

  3. Enter an ideal number for the delay and click save.

Delay payout for all your events

  1. Go to account > my account > default payment settings;

  2. Enter an ideal number for the delay and click Save;

  3. Choose if you want this to be applied to all your existing events. If yes, select Apply to all.

Make sure to delay the payout ahead of the event completion date. If your event has finished recently it’s likely we have actioned the payout already. If you suspect this is the case please reach out to us as soon as possible.

⚡ What if I need my funds earlier?

Connect to Stripe

Stripe replaces the Humanitix payment gateway and all ticket sales are paid directly into your Stripe account.

Stripe is a global leader in payment processing gateways, allowing event hosts of all sizes to accept ticket sales straight into their Stripe account or bank account. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and allows you to access ticketing revenue prior to your event to help with event cash flow and expenditure. Perfect for running events where you know you’ll need access to funds as ticket sales progress, like music festivals. Check out our guide on how to connect your event to Stripe

Stripe charges a small, additional fee per transaction for this service which is debited from your ticket sales prior to Stripe paying out. For more information, refer to Stripe's pricing pages

Ticket sales paid using Afterpay and Zippay (where available) are not paid into a Stripe account and are always transacted via the Humanitix payment gateway. They are subject to the default payout schedule.

Want to discuss your options further with our Customer Success team? Get in touch via this link.

⏰ Early payout requests

Submit an early payment request

If your event has transacted on the Humanitix payment gateway, you can submit a request for an early payout by accessing the peachy chat button to send us a message and selecting the Payouts option from the prompts.

Only available ticket sales made via Humanitix can be paid out and Humanitix cannot guarantee that all requests and amounts will be approved.

We do not recommend accessing funds before the event date to ensure you have substantial funds to process any refunds that may be required in the case of an event cancellation or postponement. All refunds should be completed through the Humanitix system where possible to ensure a clear audit trail (How to refund?) and help avoid chargebacks.

According to Afterpay and Zippay's terms and conditions, Humanitix cannot pre-release any sales transacted via these BNPL ("Buy Now Pay Later") gateways. This means you, as the event host, cannot access these funds until your event has occurred.

You may be contacted by a member of the Humanitix team to verify your request and we may require you to provide additional documentation to substantiate your needs (e.g. invoice to pay for a venue deposit and accompanying refund policy). There is no guarantee all requests/amounts will be approved depending on different levels of credit risks involved with different events.

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