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Quick start guide for school organisers
Quick start guide for school organisers

Need to set up your School/ Education Event?

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Welcome aboard! We are so happy you have chosen to list your event with us, joining an amazing community of educators who are passionate about making a difference and closing the education gap around the world.

This article is a quick start guide so you can hit the ground running. It has everything you need to know about listing events for your school or college.


πŸ™Œ Sign up for free

If you haven't done so already, sign up here to get started. You will just need an email, first and last name!

πŸ‘ Create your first event

Check out our quick start guide on creating an event HERE.

πŸ’Έ Set up your fee structure

Schools and charities are eligible for our not-for-profit (NFP/ Education) rate, which is 2.5% + $0.50 per ticket AUD and 3% + $0.30 per ticket NZD.

You can check your account fee rate on an Account Level or on an Event Level!
To check on a Account Level:
Navigate to Account > My Account in the tool bar at the top of your console > Click Default Payment Settings > Booking Fees
To check on an Event Level:
Navigate to events > manage event > Click on Payments & Fees on the left hand side tool bar of your event > Settings > Booking Fees
Read more about our pricing HERE.

Pass on, split, or absorb your booking fees

You can choose which portion of the booking fee gets passed on to the ticket purchaser or absorbed into the ticket price. Check out our full guide on booking fees HERE

You can also use our split fees feature, which allows you to pass on the fixed portion of the booking fee (e.g. 50 cents) and absorb the percentage portion (e.g. 2.5%).

🎢 Bank accounts, payouts & all that jazz

Events are paid out automatically within 2-5 business days after your event date concludes to your nominated bank account. You can have multiple bank accounts under one Humanitix account - so make sure the correct one has been selected per event.

See how you can ensure your account details have been set up correctly HERE.

GL code for payouts

Under each event, you can include the GL code so that your finance team knows where to allocate the payout. Click into an Event, Navigate to payments and fees > settings within the left hand side toolbar of your event, and scroll to the bottom to include your GL code in the note on payout field.

Locking your bank accounts

Have peace of mind that your payouts are going where they need to be. You can lock your bank account both at an account level and at an event level to prevent changes to, or adding new bank accounts.

On an account level:

Go to the top menu bar, click account > my account > bank accounts > Click the lock button.
Include verification instructions the Humanitix team can follow to unlock your accounts.

On an event level:

To manage your event, navigate to payments and fees > settings > toggle on lock bank account > click save. This ensures that no one else can change this bank account if you share access to your event with other team members.

πŸ‘― Share event access with your team

You can share and receive access to events using our permissions tool. Share full access to all events or restrict their access to specific events. Check out our guide on sharing access HERE.

We typically recommend signing up with an account for each department first and then sharing access as needed. Get in touch with us to decide what options would suit you best.

πŸ”” Set up automatic alerts for your team

Keep the whole team updated by enabling email notifications for attendee inquiries, new orders, payouts, or event creations. Enable co-hosts to action inquiries faster or keep the finance team happy by automatically sending them payout receipts.

Account-level notifications

In the top menu bar, account > my account, and under my account dropdown menu, click on Notifications. Add team member's email addresses and the notification you wish them to receive.

Event-level notifications

If you have specific notification requirements per event, you can click into your event and navigate to advanced > notifications on the left hand side menu bar. Add team member’s email addresses and the notification you wish them to receive.

πŸ“ Customise your checkout form

Make sure you’re capturing all the data you need, such as names, dietary requirements, or student year group, using our checkout questions tool. Read more HERE.

πŸ’» Sell and showcase tickets on your website

Create a seamless registration experience for students and parents, and sell tickets right from your school’s website with our embedded widgets.

πŸͺ‘ Enable assigned seating

Enable assigned seating for your gala dinners, musicals, or awards nights. Give guests the option to choose their seats or manage this yourself. Read our step-by-step guide on creating a stellar seating map HERE

πŸ’Œ Send emails to your attendees

Quickly get in touch with your attendees using our email campaigns tool. Send out reminders, updated event information, or event post-event feedback.

Using Mailchimp? Check out our integration HERE.

β™Ώ Make your event accessible

Make your event as inclusive as possible by utilising our customisable accessibility tools. Read more here.

πŸ“£ Share your impact and show how you’re making a difference

Your school has made the big jump, and now it’s time to share your ethical ticketing partnership with Humanitix and the education projects you are supporting by using our Promotional Hub!

With our friends at Canva, we've built beautiful designs and templates so you can promote your event's impact with your community with just a few clicks.

😊 Get in touch with the Humanitix team

Need more support? We are here to help

πŸ’¬ Reach out on livechat after logging in

πŸ“§ Send us a support ticket if you prefer to email

πŸ‘‹ Book a support call

πŸ“ž Call us on +61 2 7202 6035.

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