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Event guide: Create an event with multiple sessions or dates
Event guide: Create an event with multiple sessions or dates

Running an event over multiple days? Explore the different ticketing options available to best offer your experience

Updated over a week ago

How is your event being offered? Read through the following 3 scenarios to determine the best set-up for your ticketing:

  • An event repeated across multiple sessions, dates, times, etc. The content is the same, and all ticket options and capacities are the same for each occurrence. Buyers will only purchase for the date and time they are interested in.

    For example:

    • A musical performance running over a couple of days

    • Yoga classes that run each week

  • An event that has several sessions or occurrences, but each occurrence has different content or a new experience. Buyers may wish to purchase one, multiple, or all sessions in a single order.

    For example:

    • A design expo offers an entry ticket but also runs several opt-in experiences over the week

    • A wellbeing series offers multiple seminars and workshops over a month

  • An event that runs over several sessions, however, is bought as a single, all-inclusive option. Buyers will only need to register a single ticket and should not be able to purchase individual sessions.

    For example:

    • An 8-week educational course that has included courses running each week but cannot be purchased separately

    • An expo running from Friday to Sunday. Buyers may attend any day or multiple days

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