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Event guide: Multi-day events and event series
Event guide: Multi-day events and event series

Set up an event across multiple days, like a festival or workshop term with multiple sessions.

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Mutli-day events and event series may differ from a recurring event. These types of events have multiple sessions / classes / or sub events that differ from one another. In a recurring event the content and capacities are all the same.

The following guide explains how you can structure your ticketing to allow variations between ticket pricing and capacities and sell multiple sessions at once as bundles or season passes.

We do not recommend this method if your event needs allocated seating. Read the full guide on creating a recurring event if a multi-session event will be using a seating map.

πŸ“… Set your event date

Whereas a recurring event date will require you to enter each event date, in this setup, you will be using a single event date.

Set your event date entire series duration, spanning the start time of the first session to the end time of the last session.

For example:

🎟️ Create your sessions using ticket types

Using ticket types, a buyer can select multiple 'sessions' in their order if they want to register for more than one

  1. Head to the tickets > ticket types page

  2. Create a ticket type for each session
    ​You can include the session name/date in the ticket type name

πŸ’‘ Offer bundle deals, weekend passes, season passes using Packaged Tickets

  1. Head to tickets > packaged tickets on the left-hand menu bar

  2. Click + add package

  3. Create your package including one of each individual session

See our full guide on packaged tickets

Package your tickets to create a bundle deal for your customers.

πŸ’‘Ensure the correct date, time and location on the ticket

  1. Click settings βš™οΈ to the right of your ticket type(s)

  2. Select advanced settings

  3. Enter the exact date, time, and location of that particular session

This information will override the event date and location that was set on the event page

See our full guide on using date/time overrides

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