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Contact your guests using the email campaign tool
Contact your guests using the email campaign tool

Learn how to send email campaigns to registered guests for event reminders, general information emails, and collecting attendee details.

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Email campaigns are a free and easy way to send emails to all registered buyers and attendees of your events. They can be used to notify ticket holders of important event information, send out reminders, deliver links to online events and prompt guests to update personal details in their order.

✍ Create an email campaign

  1. Click email campaigns on the top menu bar

  2. Select new campaign

    1. Choose new blank campaign to start with a blank canvas OR

    2. Choose from one the available templates which can be edited

  3. Fill in the form provided

    1. Give your email campaign a name (seen only by you)

    2. Review the 'reply to' email address

    3. Select the event(s) you would like to email

    4. Choose to email only ticket buyers or ticket buyers and attendees
      ​Attendees - actual ticket holders - can only be emailed if you have collected email addresses per ticket

    5. Choose to email all orders, selected ticket types, or, specific orders

    6. Enter the subject line of the email as it will appear in the recipients' inbox

    7. Craft your email copy using the text editor

    8. Schedule your email to be sent out now or at certain date and time before or after your event.

πŸŽ€ Add personalised shortcuts to your emails

Personalise your email message using the available shortcuts that draw on the event, buyer, and attendee information related to each order.

Refer to the blue box - add a personal touch - below your email message for a list of available shortcuts.

To use a personalised shortcut

Copy and paste any into the subject line or the email body. Or when crafting your email message, start typing β€œ@” and then select your desired shortcut.

Tip: The @ViewTickets shortcut is a great way to deliver a unique link to each attendee's digital tickets.

Include it in your reminder emails before the event so that attendees aren’t searching through their inboxes for their confirmation emails. The @ViewSeats shortcut shows attendees where their assigned seats are so they’re not lost on the day.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Who can I send emails to?

The email campaigns tool is used to email registered attendees of your event(s). You can segment these emails to be certain to only certain attendees such as:

  • All ticket buyers

  • All ticket holders (attendees) (if you have collected their email addresses using checkout questions)

  • Selected ticket types*

  • Specific orders*

Email campaigns cannot be sent to external databases of email addresses such as for event invitations, and should not be used for promotional or marketing material. They are intended for service-level comms related to the event an attendee has registered for.

* selected ticket types or specific orders are available only when emailing a single event. Emails will be sent to all buyers if emailing multiple events with the same email campaign

✏️ Use email campaigns to update attendee information and order details

Prompt attendees to fill in new questions or update their details if they have not provided them at the time of checkout.

For example: A ticket buyer purchasing a Table of 10 packaged ticket may not know all attendee's details such as dietary requirements when booking. You can follow up with an email so they can update their information.

  1. Head to email campaigns on the top menu bar

  2. Click reminder email

  3. Craft your email message, prompting attendees to fill in their required information before the event so that their needs can be met

  4. Include the @EditOrderLink shortcut as their direct link to update their details

For example: Hi @FirstName! We can't wait to see you at @EventName!
​So we can cater to your requirements, please update your dietary requirements if you have not done so already.
​You can update your details via this link >> @EditOrderLink << and complete the required fields for you and your companions (if you don't have any dietary requirements, please select "None")

⌚ How long does it take for an email campaign to be sent?

Once an email campaign is sent, it can take up to 10 minutes for the system to process.
Click the refresh button to see the latest update.

πŸ‘€ Can I see how many people have received the email campaign?

Click the "..." menu to the right of the email campaign and select details


πŸ“€ Can I change where the email is sent from?

Email campaigns are always sent from the Humanitix email domain "[email protected]". This cannot be changed.

Applying a host profile to the event(s) you are emailing will however change the sender name of the email.

By default, if you have no host profile linked to the event, the event name will appear as the sender name

😩 I'm worried my emails aren't getting received

Sometimes organisations, like large corporations and government departments, have very strict email filters. While we have a nearly perfect deliverability of our emails, these can get caught in aggressive filters.

To help ensure your email campaigns are getting to where they need to go, you can provide any buyers having issues with the following details about email campaigns to pass on to their IT department.

Email address: [email protected]

Email domain:

IP addresses:;

These details can be noted and marked as allowed in their email system. This should prevent any further issues!

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