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Create complimentary tickets and offline sales with a Manual Order
Create complimentary tickets and offline sales with a Manual Order

Need to process an order on behalf of an attendee? Try creating a new manual order!

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Manual orders are a way to create tickets on behalf of your attendees, and so can be used to generate complimentary tickets for guests and VIPs or account for sales of paid tickets that have taken place outside of Humanitix e.g. via cash or direct transfers

Tickets generated by manual orders are valid tickets and are deducted from your ticket capacity as per normal. Manual orders can however ignore your capacity and generate tickets over your set capacity.

🎫 Create a manual order

  1. Manage your event via the events tab

  2. Navigate to orders/refunds > orders via the left-hand menu bar

  3. Click + new manual order

  4. Select the relevant payment type from the dropdown menu

  5. Optional: Include a note on the order for your reference
    Select a ticket for your event as if you were the attendee

  6. Select the event date, ticket type, quantity, and review the amount paid per ticket

  7. Enter the buyer and ticket level information

Once the manual order is completed, an order confirmation email with digital tickets and invoice/receipt (paid orders) will be automatically generated and sent to the buyer's details.

If you do not wish for them to receive an email, select skip emails

The complimentary payment type will automatically set the price per ticket to "$0"

💡Things to note about manual orders

Manual orders take no payment

  • Manual orders are way to generate complimentary tickets and account for sales that have already happened outside of Humanitix. They will not take any payment during the checkout process (e.g. credit card). If you wish to make a payment on behalf of a guest using their card you will need to use the buyer-facing event page.

There are NO booking fees charged for manual orders

  • Booking fees do not apply to manual orders

Manual orders are deducted from your ticket/event capacities as normal.
However, they can oversell your ticket/event capacities.

  • When making manual orders, make sure you are not overselling your event

  • For example: If you have sold 5/10 tickets and make a manual order for 1 ticket, you will have sold 6/10 tickets. Only 4 are left for the public. If you had sold 10/10 tickets, you would still be able to process a manual order for 1 ticket meaning you would oversell your event; 11/10 tickets.

There are no funds associated with a manual order

  • Since no payment has been made via Humanitix, manual orders have no actual value or funds associated with them in the Humanitix platform. Refunding a manual order will NOT result in any funds being debited from your ticket sales or returned to the buyer. You will need to process any actual transfer of money for a refund, externally.

Manual orders will be included in your "earnings" but not in your payout

  • If you have noticed a discrepancy in your event payout and the earnings figure quoted on your overview page, note that you may have made 'paid' manual orders and that these are not paid out by Humanitix

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