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Create reporting groups to help track sales and check-ins
Create reporting groups to help track sales and check-ins

Quick and easy reporting for your ticket types!

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Reporting groups add an extra layer of visibility on how your sales and check-ins are tracking across a subset of ticket types, avoiding manually calculating these totals.

For example, you may want to see how many check-ins have occurred for all "entry" ticket types or how sales have gone for a selection of "merchandise" ticket types.

Reporting Groups are for your reporting use only and do not have any effect on capacities

Looking to restrict how many tickets are sold across a group of ticket types?

How to create a reporting group

To create a reporting group, manage your event and navigate to the reports tab on the left-hand menu bar.

Select reporting groups > create group

Select + Add Group

Give your group a name and include all ticket types which are relevant to that group.

For example, "Entry tickets"

Reporting groups are created on an event level. You cannot set up a reporting group across multiple events.

How to view your reporting groups

Once created, your reporting groups are found on the overview page of your event below the total of your earnings

Expand each group to see the breakdown of each individual ticket type.

Coming soon: Reporting groups in the Humantix for Hosts app

Reporting groups are currently viewable in the Humanitix console via a browser but will be available in the app soon.

You can view sales and check-ins and filter by channels such as Box Office and Manual sales, or by time period

Sales are displayed as earnings; the net amount of ticket sales after all discounts and fees.

Note: Earnings also include any 'paid' manual orders. Since these funds are not collected via Humanitix, they are not reflected in your payout

Commonly asked questions

Can I reorder how the ticket types appear in the Reporting Groups?

The ticket types will appear in the reporting group in the order that they are added to the group. You can reorder this list by deleting and adding ticket types to the group in the order you’d like them to appear.

Can I add my Packaged Tickets to my Reporting group:

No, only Ticket Types can be added to Reporting Groups. Packaged Tickets will not appear as an option to add to Reporting Groups.

Can I add a ticket type to more than one Reporting Group?

Yes, Ticket Types can be added to multiple reporting groups.

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