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Grouped capacity

Group multiple ticket types together, add a capacity specific to the group, and ensure you don't oversell!

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A grouped capacity allows you to restrict the number of tickets sold across a select group of ticket types. When the grouped capacity has been reached, all tickets in this group will appear as sold out.

Ticket type and grouped capacities are still limited by the total event capacity, which caps sales across all of your ticket types.

Example scenarios:

  • You might be offering multiple variations on ticket types / entry tickets, but all variations draw from the same pool of available tickets.

  • A multi-day festival offering individual day passes and weekend passes. Day capacities must be taken into account for those who have purchased weekend passes and capped accordingly.

  • A hybrid event offering restricted live-access ticket options alongside an online access option. The online access option has no limit and can run freely but live-access tickets must be limited to 100 max on the day.

Note: A grouped capacity is different from ticket groups. Ticket groups are used to ‘clean-up’ your ticket selection page by filing ticket types behind a drop-down menu. Grouped capacities are unseen by attendees and are only used to control ticket capacities across multiple ticket types.

How to set up a group capacity

  1. Select your event via the events tab on the top menu bar

  2. Head to tickets > grouped capacity via the left-hand menu bar

  3. Click create group

  4. Give this group a name e.g. Thursday tickets, Festival access

  5. Select all tickets that will be included in this group capacity

  6. Set the capacity of this group

A grouped capacity adds an extra layer of control to your ticket sales

  1. A ticket type has its own capacity (quantity)

  2. Multiple ticket types are created

  3. A grouped capacity is created to restrict the sales across a group of tickets

  4. A total event capacity controls ticket sales across all ticket types regardless of the grouped capacities set

Use cases for the grouped capacity

Multi-day event

A weekend festival is offering Saturday day passes, Sunday day passes, and a Full weekend pass. There are adult and concession options for all ticket types.

On each day, there can be no more than a total of 150 attendees.

For each individual day, we’ll need to take into account those who have bought a Full weekend pass since the pass gives the buyer access to both Saturday and Sunday.

To account for this, we will create a grouped capacity.

For Saturday, this is a grouped capacity that includes all ticket types that allow the buyer entry for Saturday: Saturday day pass + Full weekend pass for both adult and concession options.

No matter the combination of ticket sales across the Saturday day pass and Full weekend passes, all of these tickets will show as sold out when 150 tickets are sold.

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