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Abandoned cart emails for your event
Abandoned cart emails for your event

Humanitix helps boost ticket sales by retargeting customers that expressed interest in registering for your event.

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Ever had someone almost buy a ticket but then leave without completing their purchase? That’s where abandoned cart emails come in! These are friendly reminder emails automatically sent to those who started checking out for your event but didn’t finish. It’s like giving them a little nudge to come back and join the fun.

Humanitix automatically sends these types of notifications to potential ticket buyers on the Humanitix Discover Network on your behalf. For free!

Why are Abandoned Cart Emails sent to my customers?

  • Boost Your Sales: Don’t let potential ticket sales slip away! These emails help bring back those almost-customers.

  • Stay Top of Mind: Keep your event fresh in their minds with a gentle reminder.

When will Humanitix send these emails to customers?

By hosting your event on Humanitix, your event can automatically tap into the Humanitix Discover Network, which consists of millions of ticket buyers. When one of these potential buyers lands on your event event page and begins purchasing tickets, will wait a few hours to see if they ended up completing their purchase.

If not, we'll send them a friendly reminder email with a handy link to jump straight back into their purchase. This means you're able to capitalise on what would otherwise have been a missed opportunity for an additional sale.

Good To Know: Humanitix won't send these emails to customers who have opted out of this type of communication. We also limit how many times this type of email can be sent to any one person over a rolling time period, so it's not guaranteed that every prospective buyer will receive an abandoned cart email.

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