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Create a custom redirect to your website
Create a custom redirect to your website

Automatically send ticket buyers to the URL of your choosing. Help up-sell your events, drive traffic, or streamline your sales tracking

Updated over a week ago

When an attendee purchases a ticket they are taken to a default confirmation landing page.

Looking to add a custom message to your confirmation page? Check out our guide on adding custom messages to your confirmation pages, emails and tickets

🌐 Add your custom redirect website URL

  1. Open your event via the events tab on the top menu bar

  2. Head to the advanced > settings tab on the left-hand menu bar

  3. Select the checkout tab

  4. Toggle on redirect buyer after checkout is complete

  5. Enter your website URL and a custom message (optional)

  6. Click save

❓ How will an attendee be redirected to my website?

Upon completion of a ticket purchase, an attendee will be taken to a confirmation page.

The attendee will be automatically redirected to your nominated URL within 10 seconds.

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