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Collect attendee information with checkout questions
Collect attendee information with checkout questions

Collect names on tickets, dietary requirements, DOB and anything else you need

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Use checkout questions tool to collect data from your guests, including unique names on tickets, dietary requirements, accessibility requirements, terms and conditions and more.

You can find information collected from a checkout question in your order and attendee reports. Questions asked per order will appear in the orders report, while questions asked per ticket will be found on the attendee's report.

Tip: A lengthy checkout form will frustrate your buyers! If you won't use the data, then don't ask for it. Consider asking the most vital information only and/or asking questions after checkout

🙋‍♀️ Default buyer questions

Humanitix will always ask buyers for the following data regardless of the number of tickets they purchase:

  • Ticket buyer’s First name

  • Ticket buyer’s Last name

  • Ticket buyer’s Email

  • Ticket buyer’s Mobile

It is not possible to remove these default buyer questions.

However, you can make the mobile question optional

➕ How to add a checkout question

  1. Manage your event via the events page

  2. Navigate to checkout questions on the left-hand menu bar

  3. Click + add question

  4. Choose a question type from our pre-built templates or create your own using the available formats

  5. Enter your question name into the field provided

  6. Click save

⚙️ How to edit the settings of a checkout question

After adding your questions, you will have the option to:

  • Rename the question
    For example, instead of “Address”, you can change it to “Where do you live?”

  • Ask the question per ticket or once per order

    • When applied to tickets, the question is asked for each ticket.
      For example, if there are 3 tickets, it will be asked 3 times for each ticket

    • When applied to order, the question is asked only once for the entire order, regardless of how many tickets are being purchased

  • Make the question required

    • This question must be answered before completing the checkout

  • Use the Settings ⚙️ button to:

    • Apply the question to specific ticket types

    • Make the question conditional upon other questions or

    • Only ask the question after checkout

    • Add and edit dropdown or multi-select options

👀 Preview your checkout questions

You can click preview checkout form just above your checkout questions to see how the questions appear to your guests at the checkout

Alternatively, click on the preview/view button towards the top of your screen and go through the checkout process.

⏬ Create conditional questions

Conditional questions will only appear when a buyer answers a previous question with the designated answer(s) and are a great way to streamline your checkout form. To create a conditional, read our full guide on conditional questions.

🚫Set limits on answers to a dropdown or multi-select question

You can set a limit on the number of times an answer can be selected within a multi-select or drop-down select checkout question

A great solution if only 'x' amount of that particular option is available

  1. Create your multi-select or drop-down select checkout question

  2. Click the settings ⚙️icon to the right to add your available options

  3. Toggle ON ‘limit the quantity of each option

  4. Enter the quantity for each option

When an option’s quantity is exhausted, it will appear as “unavailable” to the ticket buyer

📔 Create a template for your common questions

You can save a set of checkout questions as a template that can be easily applied to other events to save you time

You can create a checkout question template by navigating to the account > advanced > templates page via the top menu bar:

  1. Click new template:

    1. If you have already added your questions to an existing event, select from existing event

    2. If you want to start from scratch, select new checkout questions template.

  2. Hit save

Apply your template by navigating to your event:

  1. Head to the checkout questions section of your event

  2. Click import template

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