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Box Office - Verifone Terminal (POS) set-up guide
Box Office - Verifone Terminal (POS) set-up guide
Updated over a week ago

You will need to download the Humanitix for Hosts app to use this feature. iPhone | Android

>> See the full guide on using the Humanitix app

Box office sales must be initiated through the Humanitix App.
Payment is then taken via the connected payment terminal.

1. Connect your Mobile/Tablet device & Humanitix app to a payment terminal

  1. Open the Humanitix App and login

  2. Select the event + event date (if multiple dates)

  3. Click the Settings tab on the bottom menu bar

  4. Select POS terminal settings

  5. Using the device’s camera scan the QR code found on the back of the payment terminal

    OR, enter the unique terminal ID

✅ You can connect multiple scanning devices to the same Till Terminal.

2. Setup your payment terminal

⚠️ Connect the Humanitix app to the device, in Step 1, before turning the operating the payment terminal / following the below steps

  1. Turn on your payment terminal >> swipe up on the screen to unlock

  2. Tap the hamburger menu button on the top left

  3. Select terminal settings

  4. Select integrated mode

❌ The terminal is not ready. You need to change terminal settings.

❌ The terminal is not ready. Check Wi-Fi or restart the terminal.

✅ Terminal is ready

Internet access

The payment terminals require internet access. Each terminal is built in with a 4G mobile network but it may not have coverage in your area. Please ensure you have access to Wi-Fi. Your connected mobile/tablet device must also have internet access.

IMPORTANT: Double-check this section before you start using the box office.

If you see ⚠️ Inactive, swipe down from the top of the screen, hold down on the Wi-Fi button and connect to Wi-Fi instead. Or hold down the power button on the side and restart the terminal.

💳 Make a box office sale

1. Add items to the cart

Option 1 - Tap

Tap the item name to add 1 x item to the cart with each tap

Option 2 - Adjust quantity

Tap and hold the item name or tap the ➕ button to add multiple items to the cart:

2. Complete the checkout

Ask if the buyer needs a receipt

➡️ Skip for faster checkout

Collecting buyer information is optional.

Tap Confirm and continue to checkout.

💬 Add buyer information before checkout

If buyer information is required, ask the buyer for their name and email to add to the order before you continue to checkout.

ℹ️ To complete the order, we will automatically generate some placeholder buyer information for you, such as:

3. Select payment method

Double-check the amount with the buyer before you ask for payment.

  • To pay by card, choose Card - POS terminal.

    Refer to the payment screen on the payment terminal

    Tap, swipe, or insert card into the payment terminal.

  • To pay by cash, choose Cash. You will see a screen to enter the cash amount you have received, and we will calculate the change for you.

4. Send receipt + check-in

You have the option to:

  • Send a receipt to the buyer (if you haven’t) - this is your last chance to double-check with the buyer if they want a receipt.

  • Check in the attendee all in the same place without leaving the screen.

🆓 Issue complimentary/discounted tickets at the door

This is for friends, families, VIPs, or whoever you decide to give away a free ticket at the door. If you think there is a chance this might happen, best to create some hidden tickets before the big day.

How to create hidden tickets?

⚠️ Tickets cannot be created in the Humanitix app.

Please log into Humanitix from a browser on another device/computer.

  1. Go to your event

  2. Add a regular ticket type with the discounted pricing

  3. Click the Settings button next to the ticket type

  4. In the expanded menu, toggle on Hidden

  5. Click Save

↩️ Refund box office sales

🔜 Coming soon

The following are not available yet in the current box office version but will be coming soon:

  • Add-ons

  • Donations

  • Flexible pricing tickets

  • Refund in-person when the card is present

  • More currency support for card sales

    • USA (Late 2023)

    • New Zealand (Early 2024)

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