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Duplicate or make a copy of your event
Duplicate or make a copy of your event

With one click, you can create a new event from a copy of an existing event.

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Instead of setting up everything from scratch, "Duplicate event" is a useful and time-saving feature when you need to create a new event that's largely based on an existing event. For example, if you are running an annual charity gala dinner, you can duplicate last year's event to create a new one for this year.

👯 How to duplicate an event?

To duplicate your event:

  1. Click Manage event on the event you’d like to duplicate

  2. Click the ellipsis button (...) in the top right, and select Duplicate event

  3. Enter or amend the new event name

When duplicating events, we recommend making your event names unique. While it may be the same event or content, this will help when searching for your event or your reporting.

For example, "Sunshine Conference", when duplicated, could become "Sunshine Conference 2025"

✅ What is copied in the duplicate?

Duplicating an event will create a copy of your existing event as a new event in draft (even if the event you are duplicating from is published)​.

In this process, the following are copied from the old event to the new one:

Use the following list as a checklist to review if anything needs to change in the new event you are creating. This will ensure everything is updated according to your latest requirements.

Event selling statuses ❓ Learn more

  • "Sales have been stopped"

  • "Sold out"

Manage event

  • Manage attendees

    • Waitlist

      • Settings

Edit event

  • Event information

    • Event name

    • Event date (single date or recurring dates)

    • Event location

    • Event currency

  • Checkout questions

  • Tickets

    • Ticket types

      • Ticket name

      • Ticket pricing

      • Ticket capacity

      • Ticket settings (such as ticket release period, hidden status and date/time override)

    • Ticket groups

    • Packaged tickets

      • Package name

      • Package pricing

      • Package capacity

      • Package settings (such as ticket release period, hidden status and date/time override)

    • Grouped capacity

  • Promote

    • Virtual event hub

      • All elements (Body, Files, Images)

      • Availability settings of the hub and individual elements

    • Affiliate tracking

      • All affiliate codes and links

  • Payments and fees

    • Settings

      • Payouts

      • Booking fees

      • GST/Tax

      • Refunds

      • DGR receipts

    • Gateways

  • Design & comms

    • Styling

      • Event page styling

      • Ticket styling

    • Messages

      • Custom message on your confirmation page

    • Accessibility

      • Information

      • Features

  • Advanced

    • Settings (such as Send tickets, Allow orders to be edited, Hide "Add to calendar" button, or Redirect buyer after checkout is complete)

    • Integrations (such as your Google Analytics ID or Meta Pixel ID)

    • Notifications

❌ What is NOT copied in the duplicate

Apart from what's listed above, everything else in the event you are copying from is not copied. Some examples include:

  • Orders

  • Attendees

  • Access codes

  • Discount codes

  • Ticket ordering

  • Scanning messages

  • Seating maps

💡 Tip: Running the same event across multiple days or sessions?

If you’re running multiple sessions of the same event at the same location, check out our guide on running a recurring event, which may be more appropriate

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