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Event guide: Create a fundraising or donation page
Event guide: Create a fundraising or donation page

Create an event page to raise money for your favourite cause

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Set up a dedicated fundraising page in support of your cause with custom styling and additional donations. Read on to see how you can transform your Humanitix event page into a force for good ✨

Fundraising pages are suited to events where no tickets need to be issued and often there is no actual event being run at a certain time.

To create a fundraising page:

Create an event:

  1. Use the Create Event button to create an event page
    When building a fundraising page keep in mind your:

  2. Date/time: The start and end date should encompass how long you intend to capture donations for.
    For example, if you're fundraising for 3 months, then set the date to Jan 1st - March 31st

  3. Location: An event will still need a location. However, since none is specified, you can use the :

    1. Online tab, OR

    2. To be announced

💰 Add a donation option

  1. While on the ticket types page

  2. Click + donation under donations

  3. Include the name of the cause you are supporting as the “Donation name”

  4. Optional: click the settings ⚙️ icon to add a description and further configure donating options with amount range or a list of amounts. By default, attendees will be able to enter any amount over '$0';

💡 If there is no need for a ticket type, you can delete it after adding the donation option.

💬 Change your "get tickets" button

  1. Head to the design & comms > styling page of your event

  2. Select custom

  3. Change the ticket button text to donate

  4. Click save

Check out our full guide on styling your fundraising page to draw supporters' eyes to your cause!

📑 Automatically issue tax-deductible receipts

If your cause is registered with a charity body you can automate a tax deductible receipt is generated for each donation.

These receipts are itemised on their tax invoices sent to them with their confirmation email after making a donation.

Head to payments and fees > settings while managing your event and select DGR receipts

>> See the full guide on setting up tax deductible receipts

💸 Choose who pays the booking fees

By default, booking fees are passed onto the ticket buyer. You can choose to absorb these fees which are deducted from the donation before being paid out to you

Navigate to payments and fees > settings and select booking fees while managing your event

Donations are subject to booking fees but are charged the discounted 'charity' rate
See the pricings page on the Humanitix website for the latest fee structures for each currency

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