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Collect donations for your own cause
Collect donations for your own cause

Set up a donations page in addition to selling tickets.

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In addition to selling entry tickets, you can also collect donations through your event page. Donations are optional amounts a buyer can add to their order and are paid directly to you as the host, allowing you to fundraise for the cause you support.

How do donations work on Humanitix?

Donations collected through your event are paid to you in a lump sum with your ticket sales to your nominated bank account. Humanitix cannot split these payments and it is your responsibility to direct funds to your chosen organisation.

The donations you collect may also be tax-deductible. If this is the case you can issue tax-deductible receipts from our platform to your donors.

IMPORTANT: Humanitix cannot advise whether the donations you collect are tax-deductible.

πŸ™ Add a donation option to your event

Donation options can be added to your event page like tickets, via the ticket types page

  1. Manage your event via the events tab

  2. Head to tickets > ticket types

  3. Click + donation at the bottom

  4. Include the name of the charity you are collecting donations for

  5. Optional: Click the settings βš™οΈ icon to the right of your donation to give a brief description.

IMPORTANT: Donations do not generate any tickets.

Booking fees apply to donations. Donation fees are charged at a reduced rate (the same rate as our not-for-profit fees)
​Learn more about not-for-profit pricing here.

Set up donation options

By default, the donation field is a free-form field and your donors can enter any amount over $0.

To provide some suggestions for your donors and make the process easier for them, you can set an amount range or offer a list of amounts.

  • Donate within an amount range:

  • Donate with a list of amounts in a dropdown menu:

To set this up, click the settings βš™οΈ icon to the right of your donation and choose either option:

How to find a list of buyers who have made a donation

You can quickly find a list of all buyers who made a donation, and the amount they donated, by heading to the reports > additional donations report on the top menu bar.

Click get report to generate a report of all donations and export this list as a CSV file.

You can filter by event or event order date range.

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