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Why have my ticket sales ended?
Why have my ticket sales ended?
Updated over a week ago

ℹ️ By default, ticket sales automatically end as soon as your event ends. This is based on the end date you have set for your event.

If your event date has not ended you may need to remove or review any ticket sale stops you have set up, or that may have been carried over if you have duplicated an event.

📅 Review your ticket type sales start/end dates

  1. Go to events and select your event from the list

  2. Click tickets > ticket types

  3. Click the settings ⚙️ button next to the relevant ticket type

  4. Clear all the ticket sales start/end fields (use “Delete/Backspace” key on your keyboard)

  5. Hit save

❌ Remove a stop sales indicator on your event

  1. Check if your event has a “sales have been stopped” status in the top right

  2. Click the action 💬 button

  3. Select resume sales

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