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When will my tickets go on sale?
When will my tickets go on sale?
Updated over a week ago

By default, ticket sales start the moment you publish the event and end when the end date of the event has passed.

Customise when your ticket sales should start and end

  1. Select your event via the events tab on the top menu bar

  2. Navigate to tickets > ticket types

  3. Click the settings โš™๏ธ button next to the ticket type

  4. Select a trigger for the sales to kick in:

    • At - suitable when you have an exact date and time in mind

    • Before - use this when setting up for a recurring event

    • When - perfect for staged releases. For example, General Admission tickets will only go on sale when Early Bird tickets are sold out.

  5. Finish setting up the trigger and click save.

You will need to repeat these steps for each ticket type you have if you want these sales start/end dates to apply to all ticket types

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Looking to set up earlybird or waterfall pricing tickets? Check out our guide on setting those up here


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