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Sell merch on Humanitix using add-ons
Sell merch on Humanitix using add-ons

Whether it’s for an ongoing merchandise page or an online stall of sorts, simply follow this guide to ensure it’s the breeziest experience

Updated over a week ago

Sell merch or VIP packages in addition to your event tickets using add-ons. Add-ons appear as optional extras to purchase after the ticket selection page and do not count towards your ticket type or total event capacities so are great for offering all types of extras!

Add-ons can be applied to one, multiple or all of your events and even set to appear for only specific ticket types

How to create an Add-On

Add-ons are created on the account level and are applied to your events

  1. Navigate to promote > add-ons via the top menu bar

  2. Click create add-on

  3. Give your item a

    1. Name

    2. Description

    3. Price

    4. Image

    5. Optional: Create different options for sizes/colours of the same add-on

    6. Optional: Enter a SKU number for each item

Once saved, add-ons will appear on the add-ons page. To edit an add-on (such as to change the available quantity) click the pencil ✏️ icon to the right.

Add-ons can only applied to events that are also owned/created by your account.
You cannot apply add-ons to shared events.

Users with shared access cannot see add-ons created under another account.

Track your add-on sales

You can download a report of all add-on sales and export this as a CSV via the reports > add-ons report on the top menu bar

You can also view the add-on purchased by a buyer by viewing their order via the reports > orders page. Click their order ID number to see the items in their order.

Add-ons are not visible in the Humanitix for Hosts scanning app

Add-ons do not generate QR codes or 'digital tickets/ tokens'

They are visible on a buyers order confirmation email

💰 Fees on add-ons

The fees applied to add-ons will be the same fee structure applied to the event. You can check the fee structure of the event by heading to the left-hand side menu bar Payments and Fees > Settings > Booking fees. The booking fee will be charged per add-on.

Commonly asked questions

Someone has purchased a ticket without buying an add-on. Can they return and purchase one later?

Yes! You can now allow a buyer to purchase add-ons without needing to purchase a ticket at the same time. This is super handy if a buyer purchases their ticket first and then returns to purchase merchandise at a later stage, without having to purchase another ticket.This functionality is not enabled by default. To turn this feature on within your event, navigate to the menu on the left side of the screen and go to advanced > settings > checkout > toggle on Enable Skip to Add-ons.

Can I check in someone's add-on using the scanning app?

No, add-ons do not currently appear in the Humanitix for Hosts scanning app. You will need to refer to their order confirmation email and/or export the add-ons report for a full list of purchased add-ons

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