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Manage your host profile followers
Manage your host profile followers
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Ticket buyers can follow your host profile and be notified via email whenever you publish a new public event!

Build your tribe and maximise your ticket-selling potential πŸš€

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Create your host profile

If you haven't already, you must create a host profile and link it to your event(s). Buyers will only become followers if a Host profile is linked to an event.

  1. Navigate to account > hosts on the top menu bar

  2. Select create host

  3. Fill in your host profile details including logo, social media links, website, and description.

Note: You can also create a new host profile when first creating an event draft on the β€˜details’ page.

>> Check out our full guide on creating a host profile here

πŸ”— Link your host profile to your event

  1. Open your event via the events tab

  2. Head to event information > details

  3. Select your host profile

Ensure this host profile is linked to each event

πŸ‘‹ How can someone follow my host profile?

  1. Choose to follow

Your adoring fans can follow you by clicking the follow button that appears on your host profile at the bottom of your event page.

2. Agree to the marketing opt-in

Ticket buyers will automatically become your followers if they agree to the marketing opt-in during the ticket buyer journey on your event

πŸ’‘Note: Ticket buyers will only be added to your follower list if a host profile is linked to the event at the time the ticket buyer makes a purchase and agrees to the marketing opt-in.

​Past attendees who have agreed to marketing opt-ins can be manually added to your follower list. Read on for instructions.

πŸ“’ Notify your followers of your new event

Clicking publish on an event with a host profile gives up the option to notify your followers. This toggle is toggled β€œon” by default.

An email notification will be sent to your followers automatically once you publish your event. See below for an example
A get tickets button will direct them to the event page where they can register.

Example notification email a follower receives

Followers will not be notified when you create a draft. You must publish an event.

🧹 Manage your followers list

To view and manage your follower list head to account > hosts on the top menu bar.

Click on your host profile and select followers. Here you can:

  • Delete followers

  • Download a list of your followers including names and email addresses

Have an external followers list?
If you've switched to Humanitix we can help you upload your external list of followers or subscribers. Please send a message to the Humanitix team via the messenger.
​Note: We can only upload a list of subscribers who have explicitly opted-in to receive marketing and promotional materials. This cannot simply be a list of past attendees.


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