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Create, link, and edit a host profile
Create, link, and edit a host profile

Create a host profile to allow your audience and fans to follow your events!

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Host profiles are linked to your events and are a great opportunity to promote yourself and your mission. These profiles will show all your public and live events on a single landing page while suggesting your events line up to attendees when they visit one of your events, helping you grow your community and on-sell your events.

Managing a host profile means you can:

  • Let your buyers know who's hosting the event

  • Upload your logo and promote your event with your branding

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ How to create and edit a host profile

To create and edit a host profile:

  1. Select account > hosts from the top menu bar

  2. Click create host to start a new profile

  3. Enter your name, description, logo, and any website or social media links

  4. To edit your host profile, click on your existing host profile

  5. Click view in the top right to see your host profile page

You’ll also have the opportunity to create/link a new host profile when first drafting your event under the details stage of the event creation process

πŸ’‘ Tip: You can create multiple host profiles and link them to only relevant events. This is great if you’re running different event series or events for different organisations/businesses

πŸ’‘ Are you looking to give access to an event to a co-host? Read our guide on sharing event access so they can help manage

πŸ”— Link your host profile to your event

If you have not linked a host profile during the event creation process:

  1. Select your event via the events tab

  2. Head to event information > details page

  3. Select your host profile

You can only link one host profile per event. If you have co-hosts, it's best to combine them in one profile.

πŸ“’ Promote your host profile

On your event page

Your event page is key in promoting your host profile to your audience. Note: Your host profile appears at the bottom of each of your event pages.

This means attendees can get in touch with you via the contact host link or check out your profile and event lineup via the view profile button, while, other live events that you are hosting will be automatically suggested.

Share your Host profile page and URL

You can find your host profile by clicking the preview button on the host's page or by clicking view profile while on your event page.

To share your profile directly:
1. Hit 'Share the URL' of this page on your website or social media for a one-click view of your event lineup!

​❓Commonly asked questions

My event is not appearing on my host profile page

There are two reasons why an event would not appear on a host profile page:

  1. You have not linked the Host profile to the event page. Navigate to the event information > details page of the event and select the host profile from the dropdown provided

  2. The event is marked as private. Private events will not appear on a host profile page, as these pages are inherently public


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