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Swap a ticket to another date, event, or ticket type
Swap a ticket to another date, event, or ticket type

Need to transfer or move tickets? Manage attendee change-of-minds, reschedules, or postponements

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Use the Swap tool to move a booking to a different date, event, or to change the ticket type entirely

During a swap, the original ticket(s) will be cancelled and a new order with new tickets will be created.

Swapping does not transfer any financial value to the new ticket/order, and does not take into account any price difference.

  • Swapping to a cheaper ticket will not issue any refund
    โ€‹You can issue a partial refund on the original order

  • Swapping to a more expensive ticket will not debit the buyer the difference
    โ€‹You will need to collect the difference from the buyer directly or ask the ticket buyer to place a new order and then issue a full refund on their original order once they have repurchased.

Cancelling or postponing your event?

Please reach out to us to pause the payout on your event in order to facilitate refunds for any buyer if they canโ€™t make a new date

๐Ÿ”„ Swap a ticket

  1. Navigate to reports > orders via the top menu bar

  2. Locate the order by searching order ID, name, or email

  3. Click actions > view to view the order

  4. Click actions > swap

  5. Search for the destination event name

    • Pro tip: Click into the search field and type to search for an event name if it does not appear in the list

  6. Select the destination event date

  7. Select the tickets (for those that don't need to be swapped, leave as "Don't Swap")

  8. Select the checkbox to send order confirmation email if they require access to the new ticket

  9. Click swap

๐Ÿค” How to tell if a ticket has been swapped

When a ticket is swapped:

  • The original ticket is cancelled

  • A new manual order is created for the new ticket(s)

  • A swapped to/from link will appear next to the ticket where you can track it's history

โ“ Commonly asked questions

Why canโ€™t I refund a swapped ticket?

A swapped ticket cannot be refunded because funds are held with the original order. The new, swapped tickets, hold no value.

To process a refund, find the original order using the swapped from link on the swapped ticket

Are answers to checkout questions carried over during a swap?

Buyer details including name, email address, and mobile are always carried over.


  • Unique checkout question answers are NOT carried over when swapping between events

    • If this information is required, you will need to edit the new order and copy+paste the date across.

  • Unique checkout question answers ARE carried over when swapped between event dates within the same event

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