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I need to cancel and/or refund my event
I need to cancel and/or refund my event
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πŸ“ We are sorry to hear that you need to cancel your event πŸ˜₯. Cancelling an event is never an easy decision, but we are here to help make the process as smooth as possible.

First steps to cancel your event and stop sales

Navigate to your event page, and then do the following:

  1. Click the action πŸ’¬ drop-down menu in the top right and select stop sales.


  2. Send an πŸ“§ email campaign to notify your attendees of the cancellation.

  3. (optional) Include a πŸ“ note in your event description/title to communicate to prospective attendees that the event is cancelled. You can do this through the event information page, and add CANCELLED to the event name.

Next steps after you have cancelled your event

Once you have stopped ticket sales, you have a few options for how to proceed:

A. Refund and cancel all tickets ❌

If the event can’t go ahead and is unlikely to be postponed, you might want to cancel and offer attendees refunds.

There are a large number of attendees (bulk refunds) πŸ€–

If your event has 10+ attendees, please reach out to us. We will be able to process a bulk refund for you. This will save you the trouble of having to manually refund your orders one by one.

Contact us via the chat bubble.

There are only a handful of attendees (manual refunds) βœ‹

If you only have a handful of guests - less than 10 - you can process the cancellation and refunds yourself at any time.

Check out our guide on cancelling/refunding tickets HERE

πŸ’‘ My event was free

In many cases, cancelling tickets may not be necessary and you can simply notify attendees the event could not go ahead via an email campaign.

If unsure, you can still reach out to us to perform a bulk cancellation. Contact us via the chat bubble!

B. Postpone the event to a new date πŸ”œ

If you don’t want to cancel, you can set a new date. This is a great option if you know the event can go ahead.

To postpone an event:

  1. Go to the basic information page.

  2. Update the event date.

  3. Voila! All valid ticket holders will be moved to this new date.

Check out our full guide on postponing your event here.

C. Transfer attendees to a new date πŸ“†

Do you have a new date or another event your attendees would be happy to attend? Use the following options to transfer attendees to a new event:

Option A:

  1. Using our bulk upload tool you can generate new tickets for your current attendees to a new event.

  2. Download the "Attendees" report for your event and copy + paste this data onto the file you'll use to bulk upload.

Option B:

  1. Use our ticket swap feature to move an attendee to a new date or event in a few clicks.

  2. Repeat for all relevant attendees.

ℹ️ If using the Ticket Swap feature, make sure you do this before cancelling all tickets to an event. Cancelled tickets cannot be swapped.

If you have already cancelled tickets, you will need to process a new manual order instead of using the Ticket Swap feature.

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