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Issue complimentary tickets

Generate tickets on mass by using our bulk upload or manual order tool.

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You can generate complimentary tickets for VIPs, staff, volunteers or friends and family by using the manual order tool or upload a CSV/spreadsheet with a bulk upload.

Generating comp tickets by either a manual order or bulk upload counts towards your event capacity

Check the number of tickets available on your event (and each relevant ticket type) before manually generating comp tickets to avoid over-selling your event.

Create a manual order

Best suited for generating orders one at a time, use manual orders to register an individual guest or a group(s) tickets on their behalf

To create a manual order:

  1. Manage your event via the events tab

  2. Navigate to orders/refunds > orders on the left-hand menu bar

  3. Click + new manual order towards the top right

  4. Select complimentary as the payment type

    1. Optional: enter a note for the order to help remember what this order is for

    2. Optional: check skip emails if you don’t want to send an order confirmation email for these free tickets you are about to generate

  5. Select the required ticket type(s) and their quantity

  6. Click continue manual order

  7. Enter the buyer information and any ticket-level information (if required) of the recipient(s)

Don’t have your attendees' details? Put placeholder buyer and attendee details when creating the order. You can edit the order later.

Bulk upload a CSV of complimentary tickets

Generate complimentary tickets in bulk by using the bulk upload tool and upload a CSV. You can generate comp tickets across multiple ticket types in the same file

To bulk upload tickets, you will need the following buyer details:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

To bulk upload a guest list:

  1. Click manage attendees on the left-hand menu

  2. Select bulk upload

  3. Download the template csv file

  4. Copy+paste your data into the template csv file and select upload

  5. Follow the prompts to map any additional ticket information fields

>> See the full guide on bulk-uploading your guests

Bulk uploading works best when you have each attendees' details on hand ie. using an existing guest list or exploring your attendee report on Humanitix via Manage Attendees > Attendees.

This includes any information acquired via Checkout Questions that attendees would have answered while purchasing a ticket (e.g. dietary requirements, company, etc).

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