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Bulk upload a guest list / multiple attendees
Bulk upload a guest list / multiple attendees

With the Bulk Upload feature, you can easily upload hundreds of attendees at once to your event.

Updated over a week ago

Use the bulk upload tool to upload attendees who are going to attend the events. If you are looking to upload invites to send to potential guests, please email them in bulk from your email service instead.

The bulk upload tool is the quickest way to upload a list of complimentary tickets on behalf of attendees, such as for artists, sponsors, promoters, and/or members of your organisation.

You will need to upload a CSV file of your buyer and/or individual ticket holder, and so will require access to an app that can open and edit CSV files, such as Google Sheets, Excel, or Numbers.

To get started, manage your event and navigate to manage attendees > bulk upload

Before doing a bulk upload, create the ticket type you would like to allocate your complimentary tickets to - creating additional ticket types for different complementary audiences can help your reporting

📥 Download the CSV template

We highly recommend downloading the templated CSV file provided on the bulk upload page which is a correctly formatted file that you can copy+paste your data into

Custom CSV files will not be accepted if the column formatting is not correct.

🙋‍♂️ Add your attendees to the CSV template

  1. Open the template CSV file

  2. On each row, fill out the following required fields. If you are copying from an existing list, make sure to match the details with the correct column:

    1. Order ID (optional - see more)

    2. Ticket Type

    3. Buyer First Name

    4. Buyer Last Name

    5. Buyer Email

  3. Optional: If you have added checkout questions, you will also see them as additional columns in the CSV file

  4. Save the CSV file

⚠️ CSV column headers and ticket type names must match those found on the event exactly.

Each row will generate one ticket

For example, if you want to issue 10 tickets for Jane Doe, you will need to duplicate the same row into 10 identical rows.

💡 Group several tickets into a single order

By default, one row = one ticket.

You can use the Order ID column to group several tickets into a single order that will generate one order confirmation email with access to all tickets, rather than multiple emails.

To group tickets together into a single order:

  • Under the Order ID column enter the same, unique order ID* next to each ticket that you wish to group together.

  • You can group up to 50 tickets in the same order.

  • Make sure this ID is unique i.e. not repeated for any other tickets you do not wish to include in the same order
    For tickets that do not need to be grouped, you can leave the order ID column blank

*This ID can be any unique number, combination of numbers, or even letters / symbols. It does not need to follow a ‘1', ‘2’, '3'… sequence of numbers

Group purchases can also be generated by using a new manual order. The buyer will receive a single confirmation email with all tickets attached. This is preferred if you’re processing single orders at a time.

📩 Upload the CSV template

  1. Click choose file and upload your saved CSV file

  2. Select the event date you would like to create tickets for (if applicable)

  3. Hit Load

If you have received any errors when trying to upload your CSV file please refer to the troubleshoot tips below

👉 Map your checkout question fields

This is only necessary if you are uploading unique information on each ticket (excluding buyer details) and have used a CSV file with column names that are named differently from columns in the templated CSV file

  1. Manually map the columns in your CSV file to the fields created in checkout questions or toggle on ignore column if not required

  2. Review the examples generated > hit upload

  3. Check email each order created to send out confirmation emails

✅ How do I know if the upload is successful?

You will get an email notification once tickets have been generated. It will also include any tickets (rows) that failed to be processed so you can review your CSV file and see if there were any mistakes.

You can also go to manage attendees > attendees and compare the newly added guests against the CSV file.

❓Troubleshoots and commonly asked questions

Is there a maximum number of tickets I can upload at a time?

You can upload 2000 tickets at a time in a single sheet.
You can group up to 50 tickets in a single order on the same sheet.

Can I email each individual ticket holder rather than just the "buyer"?

Bulk uploads will only email each "order". If you have grouped multiple tickets into a single order using the Order ID column, individual ticket holders will not be emailed even if a unique email address has been provided. Only the buyer will be emailed.

You can however return to the orders/refunds > orders page and click actions > resend tickets > email all attendees next to the order(s).

I am receiving an error message when trying to upload my file

If you are receiving an error message when trying to bulk upload your file, it could be because the CSV file you are uploading or the data you have entered is not in the correct format. Ensure they have downloaded the Template CSV file from the Bulk Upload page. The CSV file will not be accepted if the columns are not in the correct layout.

  • Review your columns and ticket-type names

  • Make sure your attendee data is correct. Missing email addresses or email addresses that are in the wrong format won’t be uploaded

  • Remove any special symbols (except for ) which may affect the CSV file. This includes any “commas” “,” that you may have included

  • Error message: Row x contains a ticket type which does not exist: Ticket type name

    • This ticket type does not exist in the event

    • The ticket type name is case-sensitive and space-sensitive. Make sure it is an exact copy of the ticket type name in console (use copy+paste) or just download template CSV file

  • Error message:

    • You are attempting to group multiple rows together but the buyer information is not the same across all rows

    • Like when purchasing via the ticketing page there can be only one buyer

    • The buyer information (Name, Email) must be the same for all rows being grouped together
      In the screenshot below, the buyer name and email must be Matt Smith & for all tickets in this order

    • If you want unique names on each ticket/order

      • Separate the orders with a new Order ID, OR

      • Add in unique names using the First Name and Last Name checkout questions. These will need to be added if not already

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