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Share access with your team via permissions to collaborate on events.
Share access with your team via permissions to collaborate on events.

Share customisable event access with your team and collaborate across logins

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Share customisable event access to a single, multiple, or all of your events.

Co-hosts and your team can sign in with their unique email and password and interact with the events you have created, all the while protecting your login details.

🤝 Share event access with another person

Share event access from one account to another.

  1. Click account > permissions on the top menu bar

  2. Click share permissions

  3. Enter the email address of your co-host/team member

  4. Select the level of access (see below)

  5. Click add

Team members will receive a confirmation email with an authorization link.

Users will need to sign up with the email address you have shared access to if they do not have an account already.

Sharing event access is one-way & account-to-account.

You will not be able to see the events made on another account unless access has also been shared to your account.

💯 Share full access to all your events

Give your team members large-scale control over your events.

Select full access when sharing permissions.

✅ Team members can:

  • See and manage all events created by the original account, both existing and future events

  • Make changes to the event

  • Download reports and send email campaigns

  • Check-in and scan attendees via the Humanitix scanning app

  • Apply their own templates, organiser profiles, email campaigns, tours, gift cards, and global discount codes to these events

  • Apply organiser/host profiles from the original account

❌ Team members cannot:

  • Apply add-ons to these events

  • View templates, organiser/host profiles, email campaigns, tours, gift cards, and global discount codes created by the original account

  • Update bank account details

  • Create Zapier integrations

  • Apply default settings from their account

  • Apply default gateways from their account

Tip: By enabling the option 'create events on my behalf', team members can create events but select the shared account as the event owner. This means your team can craft and manage events without you, but you stay in control of managing bank accounts, sensitive financial settings, and integrations.

❌ Share restricted access to a specific event(s)

Restrict access to only certain events and/or control what they see

  1. Click event / feature-specific access

  2. Select the event(s) you would like to share access to

  3. Select the level of access (refer to the guide below) to control how team members can interact with your events

Level of access

Event editing

Manage orders, attendees & email campaigns

Finances and reports

Scanning app access

Edit event information

View ticket sales and financial reports

Download payout receipts and financial reports

Swap tickets or edit ticket details

Refund and cancel tickets

*both permissions will need to be shared

*both permissions will need to be shared

Send email campaigns

Check-in and scan attendees on the app

Tip: Have a couple of helpers who will manage registrations? It is best to share and manage orders, attendees & email campaign permissions only. They will not be able to change the events or see your sensitive sales data.

Tip: Need some help scanning tickets and checking in attendees on the day?

Share scanning app access to your staff/volunteers and prompt them to download the Humanitix organiser app. They can scan tickets on their device without getting full access to your event. Check out our full guide on the app HERE

🔀 View and manage permissions

All permissions related to your account can be seen via the permissions page:

  1. Click shared to see event access shared from your account

  2. Click received to see event access shared to your account

  3. To edit event access, click the pencil ✏️ button and amend the event(s) or level of access

  4. Click the rubbish 🗑️icon to delete/remove access

💡 FAQs

I have been shared access by my teammate, but I can't see the event in my list of events.

You have likely been shared access to an event that your team member does not own and who has been shared access to themselves. They are not able to pass this access along to you. You will need to contact the original event creator/owner to share event access directly with you.

I have been shared access but am receiving a “permission denied” message

You are trying to access a section of the event you do not have permission to access. Navigate to the left-hand menu bar to interact with the event within your restrictions.
For example, if you have not been shared finances and reports, the overview page will not be visible as it contains financial information.

Can I share seating maps with my team members?

Seating maps are currently restricted to an account level. However, you can pass on seating map templates through events.

  1. Create the seating map template under your account

  2. Your team member shares with you the event they would like the seating map applied to

  3. Open the event > seating maps > copy the seating map template

  4. Moving forward, your team members can apply this template to future events they create

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