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Event guide: Create a recurring schedule for your event
Event guide: Create a recurring schedule for your event

Creating an event that occurs more than once and where the content for each occurrence is exactly the same.

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A recurring event is perfect for events running on multiple days and where the content for each session is the same. An attendee will be prompted to choose which date they would like to attend, for example:

  • A musical showing the same performance across 3 nights

  • A business workshop that runs once a month and is the same course each time

  • An exhibit with timed entries, running every day

Ticket types, prices, and capacities will apply to all recurring event dates.

If your event is running over multiple days ( i.e. festival, conference, or multi-week course), or there are variations in ticket pricing and capacities across sessions, see our guide on the event series setup method.

πŸ“… Add recurring event dates

  1. Head to the event information > basics tab of your event

  2. Select 'recurring event' in the date & time section

  3. You will be prompted to enter the schedule page where individual dates (sessions) can be added and managed

4. Click on any date to add a date/time, or click on the add dates towards the top right corner

5. In the pop-up, you can then set up:

  • The first occurrence;

  • How frequently it repeats; and

  • Until what date or how many occurrences the repetition will end

5. Click save

After adding the dates, you can click the ' + more ' shortcut in your event header to quickly reaccess the schedule page

❌ Delete dates and occurrences in a recurring event

  1. Head to the event information > schedule page of your event

  2. Click on a date you wish to delete > click delete

  3. You can delete just one occurrence, all occurrences, custom range, or the occurrence you have selected and the future ones.

  4. Confirm by pressing delete

Dates cannot be deleted if tickets have been sold at any point. Tickets may still be cancelled.

You can disable an event date if this date is no longer valid, on sale, or cancelled

πŸ›‘ Stop sales or hide an individual event date

You can stop sales for an individual event date by disabling it. Disabling will remove the date from the event page and no buyers will be able to make further purchases. Buyer and attendee data will not be lost.

  1. Navigate to the event information > schedule page

  2. Click on the date you wish to disable

  3. Click edit/reschedule in the pop-up

  4. Toggle ON disable > click save

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