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How to resell your ticket
How to resell your ticket
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Finally, ticket reselling for good, not greed! Humanitix Resale puts the humanity back into ticket resales; cutting out the greedy middlemen, scalpers and stress. Selling your spare tickets is quick, easy and stress-free with instant payments and genuine buyers. See how it works…

Resale via Humanitix is not available for every event and is at the discretion of your event host.

If you do not see the resale option then please contact the event host directly or refer to the event information for any information on resales, name change, and refund availability.
You can contact an event host via the contact host button on your confirmation email or the event page.

Due to a high chance of fraud/scams, Humanitix does NOT recommend you attempt to resell - or purchase - a ticket through social media or other websites, such as Facebook or other third-party resale platforms.

You cannot be guaranteed that resold tickets will be accepted at an event.

To resell your ticket via Humanitix resale

Search for your order confirmation email sent to the email used for your order

Click the manage order button

Select the resale tab and choose sell tickets

Select all ticket(s) you wish to resell. You can choose to list your tickets for public resale or toggle this off if you want to sell your tickets privately only, via direct link

If you've chosen to list your tickets publicly for resale, they will be promoted on the event's public resale page.

You can also choose to resell via link which is a link that can be shared privately to a friend for a name change

While you can list all tickets for resale, they can only be resold individually.

How to cancel a resale

You can cancel a resale by visiting the resale tab and selecting the '3 dots' to the right of your listed tickets. Click stop resale.

Commonly asked questions

Can I resell my ticket at a different price?

You can only sell your ticket at the original face value that you paid (exclusive of fees). You cannot sell a ticket for higher or lower price.

My ticket is marked as "pending", what does this mean?

A ticket is marked as "pending" when a buyer has begun the purchase process, adding the ticket to their 'cart' i.e. someone is actively trying to buy that ticket. The ticket will remain "pending" until the checkout period ends and the ticket is restocked or a buyer completes their purchase.

You cannot cancel a "pending" ticket from resale until this checkout period ends.

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