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US Taxes: 1099's
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1099-K and reporting information

The 1099-K is an informational report that summarizes the payments made by Humanitix to you.

In January of each calendar year, Humanitix mails a 1099-K to each qualified organizer who entered taxpayer information. If you did not receive your 1099-K or need it resent, contact us (by clicking the peach speech bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen after logging in).

Humanitix is unable to offer tax advice. If you have questions about how to report the transactions listed in your 1099-K, please consult a tax professional.

I received an email from [email protected]. Is this a legitimate email?

Yes, this is a legitimate email., powered by Zenwork, Inc., is an IRS-approved eFile provider for informational returns. Humanitix partners with to automatically generate and distribute your 1099’s.

The email's sender is [email protected], and the subject is “Tax1099 Recipient Consent by Zenwork, Inc.”

How do I log in for the first time?

The email you received from [email protected] contains a unique verification code. This unique verification code is required to log in to

To receive your forms electronically and log in, click the click here button in the first bullet point of the email

Log In Instructions

  1. Input your email address

    1. This is the email address you received the Tax1099 Recipient Consent by Zenwork, Inc. email to

  2. Create your password

Your password must match the suggested format in the Password Scenarios section of the log in screen

Password Scenarios

Unsure if you used your SSN or FEIN?

  1. Log into Humanitix

  2. Via the top menu bar head to Account > My account > Taxpayer info

3. Enter your unique verification code

a. This is found in the email sent to you from [email protected], with the subject is “Tax1099 Recipient Consent by Zenwork, Inc.” log-in screen

I am having trouble logging in.

If you are having trouble logging in or cannot find your initial email, please reach out to us at [email protected] to request the email with your unique verification code be resent to you.

Can I access my 1099 in Humanitix, or have it emailed to me instead?

No, you cannot access your 1099 in Humanitix, nor be emailed directly to you.

For your security, the only way to access your 1099 is through your ‘Tax1099’ account.

If you prefer to receive your 1099 by post mail, click the click here button at the bottom of the email to opt out of electronic delivery.

The amount referenced on my 1099 seems lower than what it should be.

If the amount on your 1099 seems to be lower than it should be, please check the payment gateway used on your events.

1099’s only report on sales transacted via the Humanitix payment gateway and the resulting payouts from Humanitix to your nominated bank account.

A 1099 issued from Humanitix will not include any reference to sales transacted via a linked Stripe account, for example. You will need to refer to Stripe for any further 1099 reporting >> Click here for instructions on downloading your 1099 in Stripe

To check what payment gateway is connected to your event:
Manage your event and head to payments & fees > gateway

You can also view what gateway individual transactions were made on by downloading the reports > orders report and referring to the “gateway” column in the downloaded CSV

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