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Troubleshoot checkout issues
Troubleshoot checkout issues

Quick ways to fix common issues when buying tickets on Humanitix

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If you have trouble purchasing tickets or registering for an event, there are a few things you can check.

⚠️ If tickets for the event are unavailable or sold out, contact the event host to see if you can still register.

"Your checkout time has expired"

Events with a lot of questions take longer to register. If you don't have enough time to complete your order, contact the event host and ask them to increase the time limit.

"Failed to make payment"

If you see this error, it's likely your credit or debit card was declined. Check to make sure the following information is entered correctly and try again:

  • Card Number — Card numbers are usually 16 digits long.

  • Expiry date — If your card is expired, you will need to use a different card.

  • CVV — This is the 3-digit security code on the back of your card.

If your credit or debit card is still being declined:

  • Contact your bank or credit card company

  • Try using a different card

Any abandoned charges on your statement should drop off of your account within 5-7 business days, depending on your bank or credit card company. Refer to this guide to learn more about pending charges.

I can't proceed to the next step

If you are at the Select Tickets stage

Make sure you have selected at least a ticket or donation.

If you are at the Enter Details stage

Make sure you have answered the required questions.

Something else...

Generally speaking, try these tricks when things are not working or don't look right. For example, if a button doesn't work at checkout, you can't enter any details or you can't pay.

Update your browser

To see your browser version, click here to check

Switch to a different device

If you are on a desktop, try using your mobile phone, and vice versa.

Switch to a different network

If you are using Wi-Fi, try using your mobile network, and vice versa.

Clear the cache of your browser

Sometimes, an overloaded web browser can cause things like missing fields or unresponsive buttons. Clear your browser's cache and cookies, then try to register again.

The process for clearing a browser's cache is different for every browser. Learn how to clear your cache in the following browsers in their documentation:

⚠️ Please note: after you've cleared your cache, completely restart your browser. This ensures that the cache is completely cleared.

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For Android devices


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