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Upload a banner image with Canva
Upload a banner image with Canva

Create stunning invites with thousands of templates powered by Canva, all without leaving Humanitix.

Updated over a week ago

We have integrated with Canva so that you can easily design your event banner, host profile and more. Check out these tutorials to learn more about how you can design anything!

First time using Canva on Humanitix? You are only a few clicks away:

Step 1 - Click the Design on Canva button

Step 2 - Accept cookies

To accept Canva’s third-party cookie to continue, click read cookie policy.

Then in a separate pop-up window, click allow this cookie.

Finally, jump back to Humanitix’s screen, click allow this cookie.

Optional - If you are using Safari or any browser with additional privacy settings, you may need to allow the browser to use cookies and website data. Click allow to start using Canva.

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