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Use Categories and Keywords to boost your event's discoverability
Use Categories and Keywords to boost your event's discoverability
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Boost your event's visibility online using the Categories and Keywords fields when building your event!


This image shows how to locate and select your event Type, Category and Sub-category

When creating your event indicate the type, category and sub-category of your event (where applicable).

  • Type - refers to the format of your event. Is it a conference, workshop, screening or festival?

  • Category - refers to the relevant industry / genre / theme / kind of event

  • Sub-category - there are a number of different sub-categories for each category e.g. if it’s a music event, is it primarily classical, country, electronic, indie, pop, rock or other?

This image shows how Types, Categories and Sub-Categories are used when searching for events in the Humanitix marketplace

These types and categories will now enable attendees to filter the marketplace for more targeted and segmented searches. How good!


This image shows examples of an event being set up with keywords in the event basics section

When creating your event, below your Event Name and type / category selections, you can also enter to 10 relevant keywords.

Each keyword can be up to 25 characters each (no spaces) - simply click ‘+ New keyword’, start typing and press the Enter button when done.

Don’t forget to click Save & continue to save your progress.

Use words that you think your audience will be searching for e.g. type of event, topic, names of presenters / performers, industry terminology etc.

With effective use of keywords, your events will be listed in search results when attendees look up keywords in the Humanitix Events Marketplace. This means more eyes on your event and more beautiful experiences you can share with the world!

This image displays events appearing on the Humanitix Marketplace when set up with keywords, categories and sub-categories


You can also tag the artists that will be playing live at your event

  1. Manage your event

  2. Navigate to Event information > Details

  3. Scroll down to Discoverability

  4. Enter an appropriate event Type and Category e.g. festival and fair > music
    The “artist” section will not appear for events that are not deemed music-related

  5. Search for the artist’s name in the Artist section. If you have multiple artists at your event, you can tag them all.

  • Do not tag artists that are represented by tribute acts

  • Do not tag artists whose music is played at your event, but who are not physically present

Any user found violating these terms will have their approval denied and/or permanently revoked on their Humanitix account

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