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Ways to deliver your online event
Ways to deliver your online event
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We always recommend over-communicating when it comes to letting your attendees know how they can access your online event. There are 2 ways you can do this on Humanitix:

🎟❌ Do not send tickets. Send the link!

This is suitable when your entire event is delivered online. In this case, issuing tickets becomes less relevant, and what’s more important is delivering the webinar link to your attendees.

Turn off “Send tickets” for your event

You can do so by coming to Advanced > Settings within your event and toggling off the "send tickets" setting.

Add your webinar link as part of the order confirmation email (upon registration)

By default, an order confirmation is automatically sent upon registration. This is useful when you know the link from the start, and it’s not likely to change.

✉️ Email message

You can include the live stream link (such as a Zoom link) in the same email by adding it as a custom message. To add information to your confirmation email, go to Design & comms > Messages > Email message within your event.

If you have only 1 link for all your attendees, include the link as the custom message for the confirmation email.

However, sometimes, you may have different links for different groups for your attendees. In this case, you can set up multiple ticket types for them and deliver those links by adding custom messages by ticket type.

To add a custom message by ticket type, go to Design & comms > Messages > Email message within your event and click + Add message in the bottom right-hand corner.

📅 Calendar description

Similar to the custom message on the order confirmation email, you can include the webinar link in the attendee calendar description so when a registrant clicks “Add to calendar”, they will see the link in their calendar description.

PRO TIP: Different from the visitor calendar, which is public, you will only be able to see the attendee calendar description as an attendee after you have registered for the event. In many cases, this is useful for online events with paid tickets.

To add a calendar description:

  1. Go to Events and select your event;

  2. From the sidebar, go to Design & comms > Messages;

  3. Select Calendar description;

  4. Add your link to Attendee “Add to calendar” custom description.

Use email campaign to deliver your webinar link (closer to your event date)

This is useful when:

  • You don’t know the link when the event goes live; or

  • You are changing the link in the future

Don’t have the link ready just yet? Email all registered attendees before the event date. Check out our guide on email campaigns.

🎟✅ Send tickets with Virtual Event Hub enabled

This is suitable when your event is partly delivered in-person and partly online, i.e. you are selling tickets to both attendees turning up to the venue and tuning in virtually.

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