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Event guide: Deliver your online event with the Virtual Event Hub
Event guide: Deliver your online event with the Virtual Event Hub

Deliver complex online events with Virtual Event Hub

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The Virtual Event Hub is a dedicated and customisable landing page that can only be accessed with a valid digital ticket. It is perfect for online events that want to tailor the delivery of multiple webinar sessions or pre-recording content (such as online courses) to different groups of attendees.

Add links, presenter information, and any content you need to deliver an awesome virtual experience.

A Virtual Event Hub is not a standalone feature and is accessed via the digital ticket. You must create an event page first.

πŸ–₯️ Create your virtual event hub

To enable a virtual event hub for your event where your online content will be delivered:

  1. Manage your event

  2. Navigate to promote > virtual event hub on the left-hand menu bar

  3. Click create

  4. Under the body tab, click add element

🎨 Customise the body with elements

You can add these three types of elements to the main body of the page:

  • Webinar/video link

  • Text

  • Presenters

Embed or link to webinar/video content

  1. Select video, livestream, webinar

  2. Give your video element a title and a short description

  3. Choose one of these two ways to show your webinar/video:

    1. URL link - recommended for video conferencing links such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet. Add a placeholder image for your webinar link
      ​- or -

    2. Embed code - recommended for pre-recorded content and/or video streams on platforms like Vimeo or Youtube

Adding a URL link will direct attendees away from the landing page to the software application used (e.g. Zoom)

Adding an embed code will let your video play directly on the virtual event hub landing page

Add texts

  1. Select text

  2. Like your event page description, this is an opportunity to provide any supplementary information. Include, text, links, additional videos, or images

Introduce presenters

Shine a spotlight on your presenters ahead of the presentation

  1. click presenters and give the element a title

  2. click add presenter and enter their image, name, and description

Reorder your elements by using the arrow πŸ”ΌπŸ”½ icons

βž• Add additional elements to the side column

Upload or link additional files

Provide easy access to supplementary documents and files all in the same place

  1. Click the files tab

  2. Upload your PDF, video or image files

  3. Link your documents to your online storage device (e.g. Google drive, Onedrive)

Add an image gallery

Give some colour and context to your virtual event hub

  1. Click image gallery > add image

  2. Upload your image

πŸ”’ Control who can access the Virtual Event Hub, and when

You have granular control over everything you have added to the Virtual Event Hub. You can also control the entire hub as a whole.

Control when content can be accessed

Show your webinar links or content at a certain date and or time

  1. Click the settings βš™οΈ icon in the top right of your hub or individual element

  2. Select the at tab to select a specific date or before to schedule a release x days/hours before your event date(s)

When someone accesses your Virtual Event Hub outside of the schedule you set, they will see a message that says "content not available" like this:

Virtual event hub - "content not available" state

Control who can access the virtual hub or content

Limit access by ticket type or event date

  1. Click the settings βš™οΈ icon in the top right of your hub or individual element

  2. Select the ticket types and/or event dates that the content will appear for

πŸ’‘Tip: Running a hybrid event?

Sell a ticket to your online stream alongside your in-person tickets and enable the virtual event hub for only those who purchase your online access tickets.

🎭 Preview your virtual event hub

Click save and then the preview button to review your hub.

  • To see all elements, select all content

  • To see how different ticket type holders will interact with your event hub at a specific time, select filtered content

πŸ”‘ How do attendees access the virtual event hub?

Attendees can access the virtual event hub by clicking the view access link button. They can find this button on the order confirmation email or digital ticket.

βœ… πŸ” This is a unique link that only one person/device may access a time.

πŸ’‘Tip: To make it easy for everyone, schedule a reminder email campaign prior to the event and include the @viewvirtualeventhub shortcut link to take attendees straight to their ticket/virtual event hub

Clicking the "view access link" button will automatically check in the attendee. Once an attendee has clicked the view access link on their confirmation email or digital ticket, they will automatically be β€œchecked in.”

You can also manually check in your guests:

  1. Log into Humanitix via your browser

  2. Open your event via the events tab

  3. Head to manage attendees > attendees

  4. Search for your attendees and click check-in

  5. Download this report as a csv file after your event

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