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Guest list and attendee data
Guest list and attendee data
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πŸ“₯ Export a guest list or full attendee data

You can export a guest list in csv or pdf format, depending on your needs.

The pdf format includes essential information such as order numbers, names, emails and ticket types. It's perfect for conventional check-ins when you just want to tick people off with pen and paper.

The csv format has all the attendee data we have collected for you, such as the answers they provide for checkout questions.

  1. Navigate to events from the top menu bar

  2. Select your event

  3. Go to manage attendees > attendees

  4. Download the attendee report

  5. Select attendee details csv or guest list pdf

πŸ–¨ Print name badges (name tags) using the guest list report

You can use the attendee details csv report to create name badges. You will need to know how to use Word and Excel's mail merging feature.

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