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Find your payout receipt and breakdown
Find your payout receipt and breakdown
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When we transfer the ticket sales to you, a payout receipt is generated simultaneously. Within the payout receipt, you will be advised of:

  • How your ticket sales numbers are added up

  • How the fees are deducted from the ticket sales

  • How your payout amount is calculated

📧 Receive your payout receipt via email

When we process each payout, we will send you a payout confirmation email with the payout receipt attached.

If you are the event owner/creator, you will automatically receive the payout confirmation email to your account email address.

Add co-hosts or your finance team as additional recipients for payout confirmation emails by amending your event and account notifications.

📥 Download your payout receipt from Humanitix

If you are not the owner of the event, you will need to have been shared appropriate access to it in order to download receipts.

  1. Go to Payments & Fees > Payouts within the event console

  2. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Download payout receipt’ for the PDF report

📃 Financial breakdown of your event’s orders

The best place to find an in-depth breakdown of your payout is via the orders report for your event.

Head to the reports > orders page and filter by your desired event(s).

This report can be downloaded as a CSV file and will give you the most detailed financial breakdown of your event’s ticket sales.

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