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Set up conditional checkout questions
Set up conditional checkout questions

Streamline your checkout form and data collection with conditional questions set appear based on buyer responses

Updated over a week ago

Conditional questions are a great way to gather additional data from buyers without overwhelming them with questions that may not be relevant.

Conditional questions will only appear when a previous question has been answered with the appropriate value.
​For example: You want to find out whether a buyer is a member of your organisation during the checkout process. Members will need to provide their membership number. For non-members, they should be asked no further questions.

πŸ—’οΈ Set up a conditional question

  1. Head to the checkout questions page of your event via the left-hand menu bar

  2. Add your preliminary checkout question

    This should be dropdown, multi-select, or checkbox format question

  3. Add your second question that you wish to be conditional

  4. Click the settings βš™οΈ icon to the right of your conditional question

  5. Toggle the question to show if the following parameters are met:

    1. question - what question must be answered?

    2. equation - include or exclude certain answers

    3. value - the answer that must be given

πŸ’‘ Tip: Click the πŸ‘ preview checkout form text towards the top right to see how your questions will appear

In the example above, we have created a preliminary dropdown select question Are you a member of ACME organisation? with the available answers β€˜yes’ and β€˜no’.

A conditional text question then appears if the answer 'yes' is selected to ask them to enter their membership number

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