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Date, time, and location override on tickets
Date, time, and location override on tickets
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Ensure the right information appears on digital tickets and confirmation emails by setting a custom date, time, or location override on the ticket level. These replace the overarching event details.

This is extremely useful when using ticket types sell to different events, sessions, or experiences within the same event page.

⚙️ Set up custom date/time and location overrides

Date, time, and location overrides will appear on the confirmation email and digital ticket. These replace the event details set on the event information > details page.

  1. Select your event via the events tab

  2. Head to tickets > ticket types on the left-hand menu

  3. Click the settings ⚙️icon to the right of your ticket type(s)

  4. Click advanced settings

  5. Enter date and time, and location overrides

For example: A health and wellness event takes place over 3 days with 4 different courses. Ticket buyers can choose to attend one, or multiple by selecting the respective ticket type(s).
The ‘clean eating seminar’ runs from 1pm - 3pm on the 15 July, located in the Town Library.

📅 Overrides and Add-to-Calendar links

Date, time, and location overrides will create separate add-to-calendar entry links for your attendees.

Attendees can add these after their ticket purchase via the add to calendar link on their confirmation page and confirmation email.

The add to calendar link on the event page will only show the overarching event date as ticket types and their corresponding date, time, and location overrides have not been taken into account

ℹ️ Note: Attendees will need to add each date individually.

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