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Tips to use the Humanitix for Hosts mobile app
Tips to use the Humanitix for Hosts mobile app

Best practices to use the Humanitix mobile app to scan and check in your guests

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This guide explains the best practices for using the Humanitix mobile app at your next event. For the basics, such as how to download the app, check out this guide HERE.

📱 What is the Humanitix mobile app?

You can use the Humanitix for Hosts mobile app to scan tickets for your next event. You can download the Humanitix mobile app for free on your iOS or Android device. Then you can use your device as a ticket scanner to check in your guests and seamlessly integrate with your Humanitix event for clear reporting.

Say goodbye to printed guest lists or tick people off on a laptop at the door. Keep queues moving quickly so guests stay excited for the magic of the main event. ✨

Ready to start using the scanning app? Great. Below, we take you through our top tips.

📅 Before the event

🩺 Download and test your app

Don’t wait until the day of the event. Take some time to test your set-up before the event, giving you time to troubleshoot any problems (you can always reach out - we’re here to help).

Do the following:

  1. Download the app - check you can open it on your device (do this for every device you intend to use)

  2. Login to your account and open the event(s)

  3. Practice scanning a ticket.

To practice scanning a ticket: You can generate a new manual order to create a comp ‘test’ ticket (if you don’t want to use a real ticket).

NB: If you scan a real ticket, you can use the app to “uncheck” the ticket.

🚊Train your team (and yourself)

Repeat the above step with your team, making sure every device has been tested. Also, ensure everyone is comfortable navigating the app, and troubleshooting issues, and that they can manually search attendees and check them in.

Have a process in place for the following and make sure every team member knows what to do in these scenarios:

  • Lost or stolen tickets (as a backup, you can manually check-in people via the app without scanning)

  • Invalid tickets or tickets that have already been checked in

  • Suspicious tickets.

Share information with attendees before they arrive

Prepare your guests before they arrive by providing them with the necessary information. This is an essential step for general crowd management and will make the ticket-scanning process smoother - which means more time for guests to enjoy the magic of the event. Some examples include:

  • Send out a site map: Make it clear, accurate, and easy to view. Include:

    • Main entry and exit points

    • Directions from main roads

    • Travel options for bus, train, car, and walking

  • Create an FAQ page: Send an FAQ in the email leading up to the event. Have a copy on the event website, socials, and even hang it up near the main entry as people arrive.

  • Make your arrival and event times clear: Inform your attendees of door entry, bar opening, or set times. This will help stagger arrivals as well as avoid panic from those waiting to get in.

  • Keep in touch: Send attendees email campaigns or reach out via social media to inform or remind them of important event info and rules.

🎉 On the day of the event

🚪 Structure your entry

Appoint a first point of contact

Have one person greet people who arrive and direct them to the right line.

The role of this person should be to manage the flow of attendees at your entry points, answer any attendee questions and prompt them to get their digital or printed tickets ready to make things less confusing for the scanners.

💡 Tip: If people are showing their digital tickets from their phones, they should have the screen brightness of their mobile phones to the maximum to help scan.

Traffic managers

Having people there to guide guests through the process will help things go smoothly, especially if there is a big crowd. They can direct people to the right place and distribute them across queues.

💡 Tip: The line-up can be a great time to provide COVID-19 check-in QR codes.

Ticket scanners

Have people dedicated to scanning tickets. This means they won’t get distracted by other duties. Ensure someone nearby can help troubleshoot any problems if they arise.

Bag checks and security

Have a dedicated, qualified team that aligns with your event obligations.

Dedicated queues for pre-sale and on-the-day sales

Take the pressure off the box office and reward those who have pre-purchased by giving them priority access.

Consider even providing a QR code that links to your event page so attendees can quickly purchase tickets online before entering your event/venue. This will reduce cash on-premise and encourage everyone to book ahead next time!

🎒 Prepare the equipment you’ll need

📱Number of devices: Think about how many scanning devices and entry points you’ll need to get ready to ensure a quick process

Consider investing in devices if you’ll be running multiple events throughout the year. There are many low-cost iPhone and Android devices out there that are all compatible with the Humanitix for Hosts app. You may not always want to rely on your staff or volunteers' devices.

🔋Battery packs: If you expect a long entry period, have some battery packs on hand so that the team can keep scanning without having to rotate devices too frequently.

📶 Wifi/data: Does your venue or location have data availability? Is it strong? Plan ahead to see whether a Wi-Fi hotspot is needed. The Humanitix for Hosts app is designed ,also to work offline but you will need to open the event on the app before leaving the data range to download the attendee list locally to your device(s).

🛠️ Troubleshooting the app

Technology isn’t perfect and needs a little refresh from time to time - especially with all these updates!

If something doesn’t seem right on your Humanitix scanning app, follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

Log out and log back in again

The simplest solution - this can refresh the data appearing for your account

(For Android devices) Clear the app storage

  1. Head to settings ⚙️ on your device

  2. Select apps

  3. Search for the Humanitix app and select it

  4. Click storage > clear storage (not cache)

  5. Re-login to the app, as you will be logged out

*Menu names may differ between different Android devices

(For iPhones/iPads) Uninstall and re-install the app

  1. Uninstall the Humanitix app

  2. Head to the app store and reinstall the app

  3. Log in again

😁 Have fun

I imagine you just rolled your eyes, but it’s true.

It’s your big day! Try and enjoy your event. Your positivity and vibe can rub off on your team, and if you’ve got a happy team there’s a high chance you’ll have some happy guests too.

Like a duck on water try not to let any issues on the day affect your outlook or behaviour.

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