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Create templates to save time when listing events
Create templates to save time when listing events
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With the use of templates, you can cut down on repetitive work when building your event lineup and ensure consistent data capture, styling, and set-up across all your events.

You can create templates for 3 event elements:

  • Ticket Types

  • Checkout Questions

  • Event Page Styling

You can create them from scratch or pull them from an existing event

Templates you have created can only be accessed and used within your login and can’t be shared via Permissions.

How to create a template

  1. Select account > advanced from the top menu bar

  2. Click templates on the left-hand menu

  3. Hover over new template and select either:

    1. new … template and start from scratch

    2. from existing event. Choose from the dropdown list of events > click continue

  4. Give your template a name > click save
    Now this template is ready to be used/imported.

Set your styling template as a default for all events

To automatically apply a styling template to every new event select set this template as default when creating your template

This is only available for styling templates - not Ticket types or Checkout questions

This default will only apply to new events

How to import/apply a template to an event

To apply the template that you have created to an event:

  1. Manage your event via the events tab

  2. Head to the relevant section of your event

    1. Ticket type template via: tickets > ticket types

    2. Checkout questions via checkout questions

    3. Styling via: design & comms > styling

  3. Click import template and select from your templates

Importing a checkout question or ticket types template will not override or remove any existing elements. The template will be added to existing elements.

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