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Create a bundle deal for group bookings
Create a bundle deal for group bookings

Boost ticket sales by adding discounts on multi-purchases and packaged tickets!

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Boost your ticket sales and enable group bookings by offering bundle deals. Using our packaged ticket and automatic discounts tools you can sell multiple tickets at a discounted price, creating value packs and whole table bookings to entice your attendees 🛒

To get started create your ticket types then read on to find the perfect value deal for your event

Bundle Example 1 - Get 10% off for group booking of 4+ tickets 🎫

You can set up Automatic Discounts so that a discount will be automatically applied once a certain condition is met.

ℹ️ This function can be used on a range of different deals. See “Discount Details” for more on how to set up different trigger conditions.

To set this up, do the following:

  1. Head to your event, then to Promote >> Discounts >> Automatic Discount

  2. Click Create Automatic Discount.

The next step is to set up a trigger a discount. This example will be for 10% with 4 or more tickets:

  1. Under the Automatic Discount select What is purchased

  2. Type in a name for your bulk deal - for example "10% off for purchase of 4 and more"

  3. Then select the relevant ticket type(s) that will attract the deal, and enter the quantity of tickets needed before the discount is applied.

  4. Finish by entering the discount details.

Use case: entering discount details for a 10% discount

  1. Leave "Applies to" blank if this discount applies to the entire order (including other tickets selected); or

  2. Select the ticket types this discount will apply to, which means the other tickets in the same transaction won't enjoy the discount

  3. In Quantity, put in the number of times this discount can be used (per ticket) in total

  4. In Maximum Use per Order, put in the number of times this discount can be used (per ticket) in a single order

  5. Hit Save.

Bundle Example 2 - Get $100 off for orders over $1000 💵

Follow these steps:

  1. Simply head to Promote >> Discounts >> Automatic Discount when you are in your event

  2. Click Create Automatic Discount

  3. Now let's set up the trigger for your discount - first type in the name for your bulk deal - for example $100 off for orders over $1K

  4. Select Value of order

  5. In Amount, enter the threshold amount to qualify for the deal - e.g. 1,000

  6. Finish by entering the discount details (see above)

  7. Hit Save.

Bundle Example 3 - Table of 10 🍴

This option is if you want to offer value packs, but also need to manage capacities between individual seats and tables. Using Packaged Tickets can ensure that every ticket is counted in the overall event capacity, even if sold as part of a package.

ℹ️ Other examples of using Packaged Tickets include selling a multi-day pass, festival packages (entry + camping), family bundles (adults + children) or any type of ticket package. This function ensures that for every ticket sold within the package, adequate capacity is accounted for. This helps prevent overbooking.

To set this up, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Simply head to Tickets >> Packaged Tickets when you are in your event

  2. Click + New Package and begin populating the package name, price, ticket types and number of tickets that will be included in each package

  3. If you'd like to include different ticket types in the bundle, click Add Ticket Type and follow Step 2 above.

4. Hit "Save" when you have finished setting up.

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