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Can you edit the marketing opt-in checkout question?
Can you edit the marketing opt-in checkout question?
Updated over a week ago

This marketing opt-in is a default question and cannot be edited or amended

If you prefer a different wording, we suggest replacing the default marketing opt-in with a checkbox of your own creation. To do this, you will need to do 2 things:

Remove the default marketing opt-in question

  1. Head to advanced > settings > orders;

  2. Under the orders tab, toggle off Enable host’s mailing opt-in.

Add a new checkout question with your own wording

  1. Create a new checkbox question type.

Integrated with Mailchimp?

Removing the default marketing opt-in will prevent your buyers from being synced as subscribed contacts
We recommend using the default marketing opt-in if you wish to integrate with your Mailchimp account

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