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Locate a customer refund
Locate a customer refund

Learn how to locate a customer refund in case someone follows up.

Updated over a week ago

Rule of thumb: if the refund has been successfully processed, the funds have left Humanitix, and the customer’s credit card issuer/bank has accepted the credit.

Check if the refund has been successfully processed

To confirm if the refund was successful, check the refund confirmation by viewing the order details:

If the refund failed, you simply won’t see anything listed here.

Customers can’t find their refund in their bank statement

It can take up to 10 business days for a refund to appear in the purchaser’s account, depending on the card issuer.

Are they looking at the right account?

Most of the time, this is because the customer wants a refund on a different credit card. Direct them to locate the original debit from Humanitix on their account - the same account this refund will be processed to.

Has the original charge been removed?

The other common situation is the refund was processed shortly after the original purchase (usually within 1 day), in which case what the banks usually do is simply remove the original charge rather than debiting/crediting and these separately.

The customer’s credit card has been cancelled

Typically, credit card issuers/banks will still accept refunds for a cancelled card by putting the funds in a temporary holding account.

Please ask the customer to contact their card issuer/bank and request a withdrawal.

Still no luck?

Please ask for a screenshot of the original charge from the customer and contact us via the chat bubble on the bottom right so we can escalate this with our payment gateway to investigate further.

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